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Know about Sundarban

Sundarban is the heart of West Bengal. It's our Amazon and we thrive in here. With all its natural beauty, Flora, faunna, Wilde life, water bodies, and human life, it stands out to be the best and the most generously beautiful art of nature. One who has not visited Sundarban has missed a beautiful part of life. You must and should visit this natural beauty and conserve it to the most. While at Sundarban you get to see the Royal Bengal Tiger, the mangroves and the varieties of flora and fauna and their rarest species. Not only this you also get to taste some authentic dishes of this region.

Why visit sundarban

Original Home of Royal Bengal Tiger

Sundarban gives you a chance to experience royalty. To face the king of jungle in its natural habitat is really a rare as well as a thrilling experience. If you are lucky enough, Sundarban can make you to meet with its biggest wonder, the Royal Bengal Tiger.

World’s Largest Mangrove Forest

In Sundarban, you can experience various natural wonders. Mangrove forest is one of them. Sundarban is World’s Largest Mangrove Forest. Here you can experience the exceptional respiratory system of the trees for their survival in the salty soil.

Depot of Adventure

Adventurous people will love Sundarban. It is a perfect combination of river, jungle and natural beauty. The night at jungle gives you the perfect atmosphere for adventure. If you want to experience the beauty of night and thrill of jungle, spend one night on boat in Sundarban.

Photographers Paradise

Sundarban is a perfect photogenic place. The extreme greenery with vast rivers gifts the perfect picaresque view of nature. Photographers can enjoy the extreme beauty of nature through their lenses.

A Conglomeration of Island

Sundarban is a collection of many islands. The islands are full with natural wonders. There are forest reserves, tiger reserves, crocodile reserves and many more. The natural beauty of these places will give you a mesmerizing experience which will insist you to visit Sundarban again and again.

Popular places to visit in sundarban

Sajnekhali Watch Tower:

Sajnekhali is the Gate way to enter the Sunderban Tiger Reserve. The Sajnekhali Watch Tower is the most popular among all Watch Tower in Sundarban. Tourists can have a close look at the wild life from this watch tower. There is also a Crocodile pond, Tortoise pond, Mangrove Interpretation Center, Banabibi Temple and Nature Observatory Center.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower:

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower and Mangrove Park is located on the bank of river Sudhanyakhali. Tourists may have a close look of most of the Tiger from the Tower. There is a sweet water pond where wild animals come to drink water. There is also other wildlife like axis deer. The place has a Mangrove Park also.

Do Banki Watch Tower:

The canopy walk inside the forest with a unique experience of watching wild life. This place has a natural canopy walk. This canopy walk is about 1/2 km long. There is also a sweet water pond and chital deer.

Netidhopani Watch Tower:

This place is associated with the legend of Behula and Lakhindar, a famous folklore of Bengal. A 400 years old temple is situated here. This place holds a mysterious atmosphere. There is also sweet water pond. The watch tower located here has a capacity 20 person at a time.


Dayapur is located near to Sajnekhali & Pakhiralay side. There is also Bird Sanctuary project. This place is also famous as Sunset point. To the unsuspecting urban eye, Miridha and Mandal’s village Dayapur in the Sundarbans, which is about a 100 km south of Kolkata, is idyllic, with its huts with thatched or tiled roofs, paddy fields and a languorous air, which has long been extinct in our cities. But appearances could not be more misleading.


Gosaba was the ideal village of the past settled by Sir Daniel Hamilton. Sir Hamilton started a Co-operative as village upliftment program in Gosaba. There is a banglow of Becan Saheb in Gosaba.

Burirdabri Watch Tower

The Burirdabri watch tower is famous for mud walk and mangrove cage trail leading to a view point known as Raymongal. There are also views Bangladesh of Raymongal side. This watch tower has the capacity of 15 person at a time.

Sindarkati (Bonny Camp):

Sindarkati is popular for the highest Watch Tower. It is 30 km away from Bhagabatpur. People can reach Sundarkati Eco-Tourism Center through the mangrove forest and get a close view of the sweet-water pond where the wildlife of the Sundarban. There is a museum, where people can know about Sundarban through its picture.

Kalash Camp Watch Tower

In the Kingdom of tigers, it is the last island of the Sundarban, near the Bay of Bengal. There is a sweet-water pond. The Sunrise & Sunset viewing is very beautiful. Kalas is also the nesting place of the Olive Ridley Turtles.