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Our Activities

Boat Safari

Boat safari in Sundarban is a great thing to get involved in. Those who come to Sundarban take up this boat safari at least once. If you do not take this then you will miss a big part of Sundarban’s fun. This boat safari has so much to give. It helps you feel free, explore Sundarban with your own eyes, get some great photos for yourself.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is something very fascinating and glorious task. Not many a time we get such a good opportunity to know and get involved with the birds. Now when we are actually getting it, why not get involved. It is a lifetime experience you will love it. You will get to see different types of birds here and you will seriously love the experience.

Nature Walk

Walking amidst nature is such a calming and soothing task to do. Not all the times in the cities and towns, we get this opportunity. This is a once in a life time experience. You get to feel the happiness and joy of nature within you too. You feel the fun and you enjoy the amazing walk amidst nature. Life becomes happier and peaceful.

Local Folk Dance

Being at a place that has it’s own dance form is so amazing. Being there and not enjoying it’s dance form is so stupid. You must be in Sundarban and enjoy their fascinating dance form. You will feel the actual vibe of the land and you will enjoy a lot with them. This is something you will remember for a long time. Enjoy the performances really well.

Banabibi Drama Show

Banbibi is the goddesses of the forest. So she is the most important figure there. Before entering the forest the people worship banabibi and then enter. They believe that she will protect them from any danger inside the forest. So the drama that is performed with her story is also very interesting. You can shoot the drama in your camera and show others latter.

Camp Fire

Sundarban is an adventurous place. People come here with their family and friends to enjoy and spend some good time. At night if the camp fire is lighted then it is a good thing for everyone to enjoy. Camp fire is a thing to remember for a long time. Sundarban is best for this. The stories, the songs and the enjoyment are worthy to remember.