Why Sundarban is known as the queen of the tourist place rather than the king?


Why Sundarban is known as the queen of the tourist place rather than the king?

When talking about the beauty of various natural environments in the world, the Sundarban comes to our mind. It is completely filled with a natural environment. All kinds of animals, birds, and mangrove trees are found here. It’s beauty is doubled for all these wild animals, birds, reptiles, mangrove forests, and aquatic animals. It shares it’s border with India and Bangladesh. The largest mangrove forest in the world is found here as well as the largest delta in the world. Goddess maa “BONOBIBI” is resent here from the very beginning.

Thousands of meandering streams and islands with rivers add to its charm and miles of tall trees enliven its surroundings, while inland high and low tides and mangrove forests provide many tourist attractions. Mostly, the people of Sundarban depended on the mangrove forest to maintain their daily life by collecting honey, wood, fish, crab, etc. Before, the formation of Sundarban national park as a tiger reserve area all tigers had been moving freely in the jungle. Many times many peoples were killed by a tiger during their food collection. But the people of Sundarban believe that after they worship MAA BONO BIBI, they are saved from the attack of the tiger. Researchers call Sundarban the queen because of her natural beauty and Goddess MAA BONO BIBI. So, most tourists call Sundarban the queen among the tourist places in India rather than the king.

Sundarban can attract the attention of large numbers of tourists and let us know why Sundarban is called the beauty of the queen.

•  Geographical location of Sundarban  

 It is located in the southern part of the Asia continent and is spread between India and Bangladesh. It is located in the eastern part of India and in the southwestern part of Bangladesh. Mangrove forest is spread over about 1000 square kilometers. Near about 40% of Sundarban lies inside India while the rest is in Bangladesh.

The Sundarban is formed by the confluence of the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghana rivers, which are known as the largest delta in the world. One-third of the entire forest is covered by subtropical river channels and tidal rivers. It is dominated by the high mangrove forest of Bangladesh, which has a tropical monsoonal climate with mild to cold winters.

• Past of Sundarban 

Systematic management of tracts began in 1860 after the establishment of the forest department in British India in Bengal. The first forest management department was established in 1869 with jurisdiction over the Sundarban. In 1875 a large part of the mangrove forest was declared a protected forest under the Indian Forest Act of 1865 (Act VIII of 1865). The remaining part of the forest was declared a reserve forest the following year and till now the forest is under the Forest Department, managed by the Civil Administration District.    

After that, the Sundarbans were declared as three wildlife sanctuaries and in 1997 came under the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

•  Flora and fauna found in Sundarban 

Sundarbans is the only place where different types of animals and trees are found. Among the plants here, Mangrove is mainly very attractive. Different types of plants like epiphytes, liana shrubs, etc. Are found here. Mangrove and Zia are the main plants here.

These trees are always covered with green leaves.

A total of 315 species of animals have been recorded here, including 315 species of waterfowl and 38 rafters. The Royal Bengal tiger is the most abundant here. So that people call this region the beauty of a queen rather than the king.

•  Sundarban is a place where five river meet: 

Malta River, Bidyadhari River, Balaswari River, Saptamukhi River, and Raimangal River are five rivers that join together to form this Sundarban. These rivers look beautiful and calm the environment of Sundarbans. Many tourists come here to spend their vacations. So it is called the beauty of the queen for tourists.

•  Found here Royal Bengal Tiger: 

Royal Bengal Tiger is a huge attraction of India and Sundarbans. Because these Royal Bengal Tiger are very strong, long, and huge, which is seen only in Sundarbans and not found anywhere else. They have been kept in a huge security complex by the Indian government. So the people called the Sundarban are the beauty of the queen.

•  Popular local culture in Sundarban

The entrance area is celebrated here through many dances and songs in Bangla. Falk dances are dedicated to various deities, heroes, and their own culture. The dances and songs of the Sundarbans will impress you a lot. In their culture, you know about their past events and incident.


If you ever go on a Sundarban tour then you can learn a lot about Sundarban as well as it’s importance. In this forest, you will find a variety of animals, trees, and reptiles. Mangrove forests and water resources of Sundarban double the beauty of Sundarban. Here you will see Royal Bengal Tiger and some beautiful places like Double Chat Island, Kayak, Tin Kona Island, etc. Sundarbans are called queens of beauty.