Which Festivals are Celebrated in Sundarban?


Which Festivals are Celebrated in Sundarban?

We celebrate because we need to charge our vibes especially good vibes sometimes. When we celebrate any festival, before that we do with ourselves the suddhikaran para. This is very important for us to do. If we stay careful and particular then we can do it regularly. But as we are busy human beings now, we do not get that much time every day. So, we choose these special days which we celebrate as our pious festivals when we start and end our days in a completely different manner. We clean ourselves especially, wear new clothes, tidy our houses buy new things and keep a keen eye towards the cleanliness as much as possible. So, festivals for all cultures are always very important. 

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The same thing is also followed in Sundarban. There is no change in culture or rules here too. When the festivals of Sundarban come, even here they are celebrated with pomp and music. People here to do what is there in their culture and celebrate the festivals. Every culture has its own rules, but the one thing that is common to all the culture is cleanliness, buying new things and food. If you are taking Sundarban tour West Bengal Tourism during these festivities then you will be able to see how beautifully the people of Sundarban celebrate the festival. 

People in Sundarban stay with very few amenities still their enthusiasm to be happy, celebrate, to enjoy with their loved ones never fall short. It is amazing and it is something that the whole world must learn from them. When we go to celebrate any festival we see that our bill crosses every budget. Still, we can’t become happy. Still, we have a longing for something. Bu in Sundarban they do not have proper light, a modern decoration, a good pandal, some rich and delicious food, but still, their level of enjoyment is never less. They enjoy it so much as make things so beautiful in their way that if you do not see it you will never believe what I am saying. 

How can Sundarban People celebrate everything in Such a Joyous Manner? 

  • Their requirements are less. 
  • They can be happy in minimal things. 
  • They priories the festival, not the extra things added on to it. 
  • For them, their Devi or devata is important not the extra decoration or the extra food. 
  • They arrange everything with their labor. They never ask for anything. 
  • Every person stays involved in the festival. 
  • Even the small kid is doing what is told to him or her to do in the festival. 
  • No one is busy taking selfies or just decorating oneself. 
  • They do everything with a very pious heart and that is why their festivals are also very joyous and happy.
  • They cook for the festivals together and it might not be a huge thing just a simple Kichuri and alubhaja. But these two things they cook as bhog er prasad. So, their devotion makes the food very tasty. 

Staying in such a tough condition on a delta that is surrounded by waters on all sides it is never easy for the people of Sundarban to survive. They have to fight each day to survive there. But they never complain. They have adjusted themselves to the situation and they are now going on in a very happy and enjoyable manner. If you see their lifestyle you will think that you are in a bad condition but they are way happier. 

They do not have the luxury of food, clothing, or decorations. But the luxury they have is hard to buy with money. That is their unity and love for each other. These two things make their festivals worth celebrating. 

Now let’s know, 

What are the festivals Celebrated in Sundarban? 

There are not many festivals in Sundarban to celebrate. But whatever is celebrated it is celebrated with love and happiness. So, here are the main festivals in Sundarban that are celebrated. 

Banbibi festival: 

This is a core Sundarban festival. This is only celebrated by the people who are staying in Sundarban for a long time. I mean those who are related to the forests in Sundarban. The English meaning of Bonbibi means the wife of the forest. She is important here because Sundarban is a place where you find different wild animals. Without her permission, nothing happens in Sundarban’s forest. She is a deity and no one has ever seen her. But everyone believes that she is there. Protecting and loving everyone. Everyone knows that if you enter the forest without praying to her or without taking her permission then there is no guarantee that you will return intact. 

So, make sure that you pray to her, and when you enter the Sundarban forest. A proper festival is arranged in her honor during a particular time of the year. That day everyone dresses up in their traditional dress and plays traditional folk music to enjoy and celebrate her festival. Lots of local foods are arranged and people is great pomp and energy celebrate this festival. 

Durga Puja:

Durga Puja is Bengali’s most important festival. Even this festival is celebrated in Sundaran. It is generally celebrated during October. As Sundarban is mostly populated by Bengalis so this festival will surely be celebrated there. This festival goes on for 7 days a week. Although the arrangements of the festivals start three months before the festival will be celebrated. 

Here in Sundarban villages, the local people celebrate in their manner. They do not spend much but make an ak Chala Thakur in a local mandir. There all the villagers come together and offer their cultural prayer and offerings. All the 7 days they keep fast and cook some very delicious food. All the villagers wear new clothes and give Anjali to the Goddesses Durga. 

Ma Durga is the Goddess of establishing the truth of good over evil. She kills the demon and establishes the Kingdom of good. So she is very significant and celebrated with huge pomp and happiness. If you come to Sundrabn then you will get to enjoy this festival. It is not celebrated as it is done in other parts of Bengal. But it is celebrated with great fun and happiness in Sundarban. 

Hilsa Festival:

The Hilsa festival is especially a food festival in Sundarban. This is a fish that is produced in abundance in the waters of Sundarban during August and September. During this time the locals in there to celebrate the huge production of the fish, arrange a festival. This festival is attainted by people all around the world. 

If you are coming to Sundarban during this time do check in your travel or Sundarban tour package that this festival is included there or not. If you come to Sundarban during this time and do not take part in this festival then you will be a great loss. You must take part in this festival and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Here you will a huge fair has been arranged where you will get different dishes made with the fish. You will get dishes from Starter, main course deserts everything made with the fish. 

People relish this local food very much and they even take some for their hometown. 

Bengali New Year: 

As you know Sundarban is populated by Bengalis so the Bengali New Year is celebrated here with huge fun. It is something that people love to attend. This is a homely festival. Everyone cleans their home and shops. They buy new things especially gold jewelry for themselves or their loved ones. New clothes in traditional style are worn and people that day eat all the traditional Bengali food. They sing traditional Bengali songs, dance, and celebrate that day. 

This time of the year in Sundarban households you find joy celebrated with such minimalistic things. It is something amazing to learn and celebrate. Whoever comes to Sundarban during this time falls in love with the vibe in the air. They feel the real meaning of life. They understand what life is and how it should be celebrated in Sundarban. 

How to reach Sundarban? 

Many of the travelers do not understand that how they should reach Sundarban. What is the right way to reach this place easily and safely? Especially the foreigners face this problem a lot. So after reading this blog you will have no such problem left. 

-   By Air: Reaching Sundarban by Air is the best option for the people visiting Sundarban from far and wide. You need to book a travel agent from Beforehand. Now you board your flight from your place and reach Kolkata. Once you have reached Kolkata then you must call your travel agent and they will pick you up from the airport. Now you will start the journey for Sundarban. 

You will reach Sundarban within no time. It will barely take 2 hours for you to reach Sundarban from the airport. When you reach Sundarban delta then you will see that all the things are arranged for you. You just need to enjoy it. 

 -By train: If you are staying near but not so near that you can travel by road then the best option to reach Sundarban is by railroad. You need to book your travel agent from beforehand and then when you reach Howrah or Sealdah by train you need to call your travel agent. They will then take you to Sundarban by Bus or Car. 

You will enjoy the two hours journey. 

After you reach the Sundarban delta you will be amazed to see that such a huge delta existed in your own country. It is an amazing feeling and only some lucky people can feel it.  

By road: Reaching Sundarban by road is very easy and fun. If you stay in Kolkata or near to Kolkata then this is the best thing that you can do. You just book a travel agent and they will arrange for everything whether it is a car or bus to bring you to Sundarban. You will love the processes and you will enjoy them a lot too. When you come down from the vehicle to board a launch or steamer for Sundarban you will surely enjoy the feeling of Sundarban. 

Now when all the pandemic situation is slowly taking a backseat and when you are and our mother earth is recovering then why not take up the Sundarban tour and enjoy with your loved ones. You will enjoy everything out here. This is a feeling of a lifetime and you will love to come again and again to this place. The festivals here are really fun to enjoy. Consult your touring agent and come to Sundarban.