How to Enjoy in Sundarban?


How to Enjoy in Sundarban?

Sundarban is a beautiful place, there you can enjoy as you wish to do so. But if you are worried about the covid 19 then you are not fully wrong. Yes, covid is taking a toll on people’s lives but in Sundarban the strictness and the arrangements are so strict that even covid is not being able to put its paw there. So, if you are planning to come to Sundarban then you can do so without any worry, but first, you need to get vaccinated. Vaccination is important these days because that helps tourism understand that you are ok and fit to travel. 

So, if you want to enjoy Sundarban then it is easy and safe while maintaining rules. People who come to Sundarban enjoy it a lot because it is a free place and you can open your heart out to anything. If you are suffering from any kind of tension and depression then Sundarban can heal you in a greater manner. You just need to take a Sundarban tour and you will see that you are completely healed and enliven. It is your life and lives it the way you have always imagined it to be. Problems are a part of life but do not let them affect you so much that it takes away your happiness and smile away. So, you must come to Sundarban at least once a month or week if you stay in Kolkata. This will energize you and set you free from all the worries. 

Important Rules to Follow While in Sundarban:

- Always be with the group. Never get away from the group and try to do things on your own. 

- Listen to what your guide says and follow him always. He knows the place and the jungle well. You must never disobey him. 

- During this covid 19 period always wear a mask and stay at a safe distance from other people. It is good to sanitize. 

- If you are taking a camera or want to do any kind of video recording you must take a permit from the authorities in the first place. 

So, these are some basic rules that you must follow while you are in Sundarban. When you follow them, you move safely through Sundarban and enjoy without worries. But if you move without following the rules then you might fall prey to some kind of danger. 

How Should You Prepare for Sundarban Adventure? 

This is a very important step that you should not skip, neither should you think it is not important and you can go whatever way you like for Sundarban Adventure. It is not true and if you do so you will have to face a lot of problems. So, when you think of preparing for the Sundarban adventure then you must follow these points. 

- Wear very light clothes and do not wear something that has a flow, wear something like jeans, t-shirts, something like this easy and comfortable. It is because if you need to stay the whole day for Adventure then wrong clothes would trouble you a lot. 

- Use sunscreen and if possible wear a hat. This will keep you protected from the sun rays and your skin won’t face heavy damage. 

- Shoes are very important. You must wear the shoe that you are comfortable in. As you will have to walk a lot, so you must wear running shoes or sneakers. They will serve better on this trip. 

- Carry glucose with you because if you feel weak during the trip then you easily have it and feel strong again. So, glucose is very important. 

- If you love photography and you have the permit for the camera then you can also care your camera with you and click some amazing pictures at Sudarban adventure.  

These are some basic arrangements that you can do to go out for the Sundarban adventure trip. The most important thing during this trip is comfort and happiness. So maintain these if you can travel then you will see that you are traveling as well as having fun. 

What you must eat and not eat before adventure? 

What we eat we feel and go like that. So what we eat before adventure matters. If you eat something too heavy then it will affect our tour and we won’t be able to enjoy it much. So, it is better to eat less and be healthy before the adventure begins. 

- You can have a glass full of juice 

- You can have a Banana or egg

- It is good to avoid the bread because that might cause acidity. 

- Some sweets are good if you feel you need them. 

- Do not eat anything heavier than these because then your stomach will disturb you a lot during the tour. 

You will be served lunch during the adventure itself so, no need to worry. But keep in mind to eat less and enjoy more. Do not let gas or acidity accumulate in your body and disturb you in any way. 

Now when you are ready and equipped to take up the tour the last step you must follow is following the instructions that the guide gives. The guide will give you some advice before the tour starts. This is very important for you to hear. If you think that let him say whatever he wants I have no time to hear then it will be very bad on your part. You must listen to him properly and understand what he wants to say to you regarding the trip. What is the guidance he is giving and how he is telling you to be safe from certain things? If you follow these then you will have a nit to worry about anymore. 


The Adventure Begins: 

Spotting the Royal Bengal: 

Something very amazing and interesting is spotting the Royal Bengals. Not everyone is lucky enough to spot them at Sundarban. Only those who have patience and want to see them get to see the Royal Bengals during the adventure. We all know Sundarban is famous for its Royal Bengal Tigers, So, spotting them and clicking them on your camera is a very happy and joyous thing. Your visit to Sundarban will be successful if you can spot at least one of them. 

So, when the tour begins be on the lookout and be calm and patient you might surely see one Royal Bengal. 

Amazing River Dolphins: 

When you are taking up the adventure on the boat then you are ready and prepared for something very magical and adventurous. You will surely get to see things like that because you are in the rivers of Sundarban. This boat safari is a very magical experience. When you see the Sundarban aquatic animals in Sundarban’s river you stay amazed at how beautiful they look and they greet you. 

When your boat will pass through the water near the mangroves, you will see some dancing dolphins waiting for you to greet you on the way. This is such an amazing sight that you will feel blessed. 

You must know in India there are very few places where you can spot Dolphins. Sundarban is one among them. 

Time to take out the Camera: 

Now you have come a long way through the waters of Sundarban. It is time you take out the camera and click some amazing pictures on the way. Sundarban is beautiful, Sundarban is spectacular and Sundarban is photogenic. Take out your camera and through its lens capture those beautiful moments in Sundarban. 

You can click that beautiful flora and fauna. You can click those amazing water animals, you can also click those sceneries, mangroves and sunsets are very famous to be clicked in Sundarban. 

The Bird watching program: 

Now you will get down from your boat and after a long walk, you will reach to Sajnekhali Watchtower. There you will be able to see some amazing birds. Sit down on the watchtower for long and listen to those beautiful birds chirping and singing all day long. You can record their sweet voice or you can click them too. You will just love the experience that you gather there. It is amazing and loveable. Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days will help you enjoy more for these adventures. 

The Local Village tour: 

A proper walk through the local village will help you enjoy a great adventure. Sundarban villages are world-famous for their simplicity and beauty. The people in the villages of Sundarban are very good. They are down-to-earth and loving. They will take care of all your needs without complaining about anything. They live in small huts with very few amenities. But the smile on their face never fades. They are ever smiling and joyous. 

If during the tour you face any problem then you will see that they are helping you a lot. 

You will get to know many things regarding Sundarban’s history and geography. Your guide will explain everything to you in detail. This knowledge will enrich you about Sundarban and you will love to visit Sundarban again and again. 

The Night Safari: 

This adventure is not for weak-hearted people. During the night in complete darkness, these little water animals glow in the water. You will walk by the banks of the river and experience this sight. If you are weak-hearted people then you might be fearful of the sight. But if you know it’s scientific then you will worry no more and you will just enjoy the amazing beauty of nature. It is very beautiful to see these and people who take up the night safari talk about it for long to people. It is very much magical and beautiful. 

Temple at Netidhopani:

This is one of the oldest places in Sundarban. Here you will find a very old temple where you can pray and feel secured. People not only come here to pray but also come to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. It is a very beautiful place and if you once come here you will love it. 

Take home Souvenir

When we visit a place, we carry something from there as a memory. That is known as Souvenir. From Sundarban you can also buy something like organic brown rice, honey, handicrafts, etc, for your home so that for many more days you can keep Sundarban in your thoughts. Sundarban is beautiful in its ways and when you take something as a remembrance from there it feels good and you keep that place in the golden pages of your thoughts alive for long. 

 The last suggestion is to choose the Sundarban tour package carefully so that you can travel to Sundarban happily and enjoy it a lot. These are the most enjoyable things that you can do in Sundarban. Enjoy them well.