When can we again Travel to Sundarban?


When can we again Travel to Sundarban?

As the second wave of covid 19 has hit India hard it has become a kind of impossible for Indians to move out of their houses. The situation is so worse that people are dying at a huge rate every day. The covid 19-second wave is dangerous and much more killing than before. If we do not take proper steps then this situation cannot be controlled and that is why we need to be much more careful and stop complaining about the situation.

Many of your traveling plans and ideas may have been canceled and you might be feeling irritated. You might have made plans to travel to Sundarban but that completely has a setback. Don't worry it is for your betterment only. To keep you safe and secure the managing committees have taken such a decision. Now many of you question when can you again come to Sundarban. Don't worry it will be soon. First, the situation must get better. Without the situation, getting better nothing can happen actually.

If you have already booked a trip then don't worry they will surely do something about it maybe your money will be returned or something.

Answering your questions:

When will Sundarban be safe again?

Sundarban is always safe and beautiful. Therefore, this is nothing to worry about. But so that no virus comes from outside in Sundarban the tourism has been stopped for a little while. The situations are not good right now. Letting it be good is what is needed.

Will we get our refunds?

Yes, if you have already booked your tickets and you had settled a deal with the touring agents then during this time when it is not possible to travel to Sundarban, you will surely get back your refunds.

Should we not visit Sundarban now?

No, right now it is not the right time to visit Sundarban. If you violate the rules then you are posing a danger for the simple and innocent people of Sundarban. So, you shouldn't visit now.

When will we visit again?

You will surely visit again to Sundarban as soon as the crisis period is over and things get better again. You will again enjoy yourself amidst nature and you will feel happy and better again.

To make your visit in  Sundarban better and safer this blog got written. Hope you got informed altogether and you have no more doubt or questions left. If you have anything to know more, then do contact us.