Sundarban Day Trip From Kolkata


Sundarban Day Trip From Kolkata

Located in the southern part of West Bengal, Sundarban National Park is a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most natural habitats of India. Known for its fascinating mangrove forests and diverse wildlife, a day trip to Sundarban from Kolkata is a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Let's find out what makes a day trip to Sundarban so special.

The day begins as you quickly leave the city of Kolkata and head towards the quiet village of Godkhali, which serves as the gateway to the Sundarbans. A boat trip awaits you as you cruise along the meandering rivers and streams that cross this magnificent delta. The calm breeze and the view of the vast expanse of mangrove forest create a sense of tranquillity that instantly refreshes your soul.

As you explore the Sundarban in depth, keep an eye out for the national park’s star attraction, the iconic Royal Bengal Tiger. Although sightings are rare, the thrill of catching a glimpse of this majestic creature in its natural habitat is unparalleled. Skilled local guides accompany you, explaining the region’s rich biodiversity to the various bird species, reptiles, and mammals that call the Sundarban home.

A highlight of this trip is a visit to the Sajankhali Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, you can explore the interpretive center, which provides valuable information about the park’s ecology, conservation efforts, and the ongoing battle to protect the endangered Royal Bengal tigers. Walk the raised platforms and see a variety of birdlife, including colorful kingfishers, herons, and the elusive masked fin foot.

A boat cruise through the narrow canals of the mangrove forest is an experience like no other. The thick foliage and twisted roots of the mangrove trees create an otherworldly ambiance, making you feel like an explorer in an obscure desert. With a little luck, you may see estuarine crocodiles basking in the sun or dolphins playing in the water.

After a lunch of traditional Bengali cuisine, the journey continues to the charming Dobanki Camp. Walk the high canopy walkway suspended above the forest floor and immerse yourself in the surreal beauty of the surrounding landscape. The panoramic view from the watch tower offers an amazing vista of the vast expanse of the Sundarban.

As the day draws to a close, the boat takes you back to Godakhali, bidding farewell to the enchanting Sundarbans. The memories of this extraordinary day trip will last longer, giving you a deeper appreciation for the fragile ecosystem and the need for its conservation.

A day trip to Sundarbans from Kolkata is an escape from the urban chaos and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature. It offers a unique glimpse into a world where mango trees, tigers, and river beauty converge. So, pack your camera, binoculars, and sense of adventure and get ready for an unforgettable trip to the Sundarbans desert.

 1-day Sundarban tour is not sufficient time for covering all the sightseeing of Sundarban as there is a number of sightseeing available. Therefore you can make your Sundarban trip with a Sundarban tour 2 nights 3 days package, or a Sundarban tour package for 1 night 2 days. Now, many travel agencies allow their customers to make customized Sundarban tour packages to their needs according to budget. If you will have sufficient time then you can enjoy a lot in Sundarban. But sure nature will attract you always and you will be bound to think it is better for booking another day. So, think a lot and gather information about Sundarban and a professional tour operator before making your tour final.