Why Sundarban is famous in West Bengal?


Why Sundarban is famous in West Bengal?

Sundarban is an asset to West Bengal. Not every state is lucky enough to have within it such a world heritage. Earlier people used to know Sundarban only because of its Royal Bengal Tiger. However, now the situation is not so. There was a time in the past when these Royal Bengal Tigers were getting extinct.

However, with the help of UNESCO, the matter is completely under control now. Now Sundarbans is not only known for its tigers, but also for its medicinal plants, other wild animals, rivers, food, and habitat. Sundarban is not only just a mangrove forest but it has a rich variety of medicinal plants within it. These plants are used to make medicine of different kinds and they are exported to other countries now. If you plan for a Sundarban Tour always, contact good tour guides.

This is one of the reasons why tourists from different countries all over the world are coming to Sundarban to lose themselves in this serene beauty. However, for those of you who do not know Sundarban yet, it is nice to blog from where you will be able to get many ideas.

Sundarban is famous in West Bengal Because:

1. Sundarban is the place where five rivers meet :

The five rivers that meet in Sundarban are Malta River, Raimangal River, Bidyadhari River, Saptamukhi River, Baleshwari River, etc. These rivers are so beautiful and so serene and Sundarban is the place where they come together.

2. Sundarban has a lot of Medicinal Plants:

Sundarban is a rich place of some important medicinal plants. Even to cure cancer some plants from Sundarban help a lot. A lot of tests and experiments are carried on to make these plants more useful to humankind.

3. The Royal Bengal Tiger:

The Royal Bengal Tigers are obviously a huge attraction of Sundarbans because these tigers are only found in Sundarbans and nowhere else. They are preserved with huge protection.

Sundarban is West Bengal's Queen do visit here after you have properly done and managed to get tour booking in Sundarban because cost always matter.