Why do people from other regions come to Sundarban?


Why do people from other regions come to Sundarban?

People from all over the world like to travel to the Sundarban. They enjoy the beauty of this tourism queen and take many memories with them. Most people visit this place to refresh their minds and spend their time with a beautiful experience. Sundarban is a place where various natural things are available, where people enjoy the natural beauty and spend happy moments with their family and friends. In the source of data, it is seen that every year many people come to Sundarban from all regions of India because they want to spend their time with nature. So it appears that Sundarban is a place where people from all over the world like to make a tour. People travel here happily with their beautiful experiences. Indirectly they get a naturopathy treatment in a short period by their unknown. 

Why do people come to Sundarban?

It is full of nature:          

Sundarban is a place where the Maximum species of animals and birds are found. It is fully covered by a large delta is around 25000 sq. Km is formed by three rivers namely the Ganga, the Brahmaputra, and the Meghana rivers. Since most parts of Sundarban are connected by rivers. Hence houseboats and boats are the main modes of transport in Sundarban. The size of the river is very large, many crocodiles live here in their riverine habitat. In addition to crocodiles, many species of turtles, crabs, and fish are seen in the river. Since these rivers are connected to the straight Bay of Bengal, so water is slightly salty in Sundarban. Due to the favorable environment, Sundari trees are growing. These beautiful trees are popularly known as mangrove trees which attract people from all corners of India and abroad. In the Sundarban region, it looks like a huge mangrove forest. Now, It is also known as the biggest mangrove forest area in India. Sundarban is home to many wild animals, birds, and reptiles as it has the largest mangrove forest in the world. Sundarban national park is available here which is a safe home of the royal Bengal tigers. Sudarankhali, Sajnekhali, Beriberi Bird Watch Tower, National Park, etc. are also available here and are full of beauty along with other sightseeing places. So anyone can easily spend time in Sundarban with great enjoyment.

◾ See the wild animals :

Many types of wild animals are found here. Tigers, hyenas, and other wild animals are the most attractive point in Sundarban and these animals move in Sundarban freely. Here all the animals are found roaming freely in the entire Sundarbans. The Royal Bengal tiger seen here also roams freely in nearby villages and hunts for its prey sometimes but it is very rare. Many times tigers come to the village side for searching their food. That’s why many people come to Sundarban from different regions of the world to watch these dangerous animals closely.

◾ Large numbers of birds are found here:

Sundarban is the home of birds also. Every year more than 500 species of birds come to Sundarban. So tourists from different regions come to Sundarbans to see the birds.

◾ The beauty of mangrove forest:

According to the climate suitable for the eastern part of India, mangrove forests are developed only in the Sundarban. So, people want to see the Mangrove forest here. 

Enjoying houseboat riding:

Houseboat riding in the Sundarban is an amazing experience for every person who came on Sundarban trip. Sometimes crocodiles come to the bank of rivers. There, the crocodile is afraid of attacking the people, but they follow their safety instructions and take all precautions. They are fully safe inside the houseboat. Apart from this, tigers can also be seen on the banks of the river, because sometimes tigers come to the river bank for hunting or drinking water. This creates an opportunity to see the whales up close.

Bird-watching tower:

Sundarbans is a place where many bird-watching towers are available. Tourists can watch these wild animals and birds closely from all the bird-watching towers. Not only they can see the wildlife and birds from the bird-watching tower but also they can also see the natural scenery of Sundarban clearly from a direct view of nature, side view, etc.   


The most attraction points of Sundarban are the mangrove forest, tigers, wild animals, and birds. So, most tourists attract to Sundarban for making a Sundarban trip for their next tour plan. Many people enjoy houseboat riding and taking some sweet memories with them. Thus people from other regions attract to the Sundarban always.