Transport facilities to reach at Sundarban


Transport facilities to reach at Sundarban

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sundarbans National Park is one of India's most popular wildlife destinations. The popular tiger reserve is located in the river delta formed by Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghana. A visit to the Sundarban is a lifetime experience for Indian people as well as an outsider.  

Sundarban National Park is one of the world-famous national parks. Tourists are coming here from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of nature. The wildlife sanctuary attracts not only the people of India but also people from the rest parts of the world. The climate, forest, wild animals, people, and other inhabitants are the main reasons for tourists making a Sundarban tour here. It is famous for it’s wildlife and various sightseeing spots, attracting tourists from all over the world. In addition, to enjoy the natural beauty they can enjoy the test of the food a lot with the suitable climate.

It is very easy to reach Sundarban from anywhere because of well connectivity with the capital of West Bengal (Kolkata) by road, rail, and water. Anyone can reach at Netajisubash Chandra Airport in Kolkata from all over the world easily. After reaching there, they can start their journey to Sundarban by train, cab, bus, and boat. If you want to travel by sea route, then you can travel to Sundarbans by boat or ship from abroad and reach the port here. 

If you want to visit Sundarban from different countries then you have to reach Kolkata first and then you can travel to Sundarban by local train or private cab or bus.

Let's discuss briefly the transportation system for a Sundarban tour from Kolkata:-

By air:  

Although Sundarban is directly not connected with air services but it is connected indirectly with the rest of the world. The nearest airport is NetajiSubhash Chandra airport Kolkata is situated at a distance of around 170 km. So, people can reach here easily in a short period from all over the world. International flights make regular trips from all over the world to this airport. After reaching Kolkata you can hire a private vehicle or make your journey by bus for Sundarban. Also, you can travel from Kolkata to Sundarban by train. Apart from this many Sundarban travel agencies provide a Sundarban tour package from Kolkata to Sundarban that includes a pickup facility from Kolkata to Sundarban by an AC or a non-AC vehicle. So you can contact them for your comfortable journey.   

•  By train: 

There are three major train stations in Kolkata i.eSealdah, Howrah, and Kolkata. These railway stations are well-connected all over India. So, you can reach in Kolkata easily by train from any part of our country. After you reach in Kolkata you can travel by local train to Sundarban. Canning the nearest railway station to Sundarban. If you are traveling to Sundarbanby train get down at Canning station which is about 48 km away. The nearest town is Gosaba which is about 50 km away from Sundarban. Then you can travel by auto or a private cab to the jetty where you will get a boat for Sundarban tour. If you will make a Sundarban tour with your family or friends then you should plan to make your Sundarban tour with a tour agency because they can guide you with their guide team. So that your journey will be hectic-free.

• By road: 

Well-developed roads and highways are connected to Kolkata with Sundarban and many cities of West Bengal and surrounding states. If you can use public transport from Namkhana (105 km), Sonakhali (100 km), Canning (64 km), and Najat (92 km), pre-booked transport gives you a stress-free and comfortable journey from anywhere at any time. You can travel from Kolkata to Sundarbanby bus also. Apart from this many AC and Non-AC cabs are available in Kolkata for making a Sundarban tour. You can hire a cab for your comfortable journey. 

•  By waterway: 

From some point of view, water is a suitable way to travel to Sundarban national park. Since the national park is crisscrossed by water, it is easy to get around while riding a boat or taking a luxury cruise. Some of the places connected by waterways are Sundarban Delta, Jambudip, and Namkhana. I think water is the best medium for making a Sundarban tour because it is well connected by water with all the major sightseeing.

In this way, you can reach at Sundarban from Kolkata easily. Now making a Sundarban tour from Kolkata is very easy for everybody. But safety is an important issue for making a Sundarban tour always. So that you should prefer to make your Sundarban tour with a professional and experienced Sundarban tour operator. Most tour agents are providing many Sundarban tour packages from Kolkata. So think a lot before making your Sundarban tour.