Three most Beautiful Places in Sundarban Chosen by the Tour Operator


Three most Beautiful Places in Sundarban Chosen by the Tour Operator

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

We have heard this very common proverb many times. But how many times do we employ this in our life? Because we are not employing this proverb in our life, our life is becoming boring and lifeless. It is time we live life once for ourselves. Now when you are thinking about living life king size, then why not visit Sundarban first?! 

We are sure you might know about Sundarbans if you don’t know then just look at the picture below: 

We are sure you are already eager to know the place even more. Wait for a hold on your emotions and read this article completely. 

Sundarban is spread over a large area and not every part is travel-friendly. The expert tour guides and Sundarban Tour operators traveled through different places and concluded with three distinct places in Sundarban being the best and the most beautiful. 

Let’s explore the places below: 

1. Sundhanyakhali Watch Tower: 

one of the most beautiful watchtower in Sundarban. The view that you get from this tower is priceless. Sit down on this tower with your hot cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the view of the royal beast at ease. 

Can see the tigers moving around, eating on their prey, drinking water and relaxing together. You can spend a day just by experiencing the lifestyle of the tigers. 

2. Netidhopani: 

is one in all complete tourist destinations of Sundarbans. This holds on almost all-extravagant beauty of Sundarbans. It has a Lake that is so beautiful that you will love to take pictures of it. There is also a ruin of old buildings. There are ruins of old temples and people love o click many pictures here. There are luxurious hotels for tourists and you can enjoy to the fullest at this place. 

3. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

one of the most beautiful bird sanctuary in Sundarbans. Here you will get to see Egrets, Herons and many other wonderful bird species like this. The bird lovers can come to this place and enjoy watching birds and clicking their pictures. There are the three most beautiful absolute tourist destinations in Sundarbans.