The Real Story of Sundari Tree


The Real Story of Sundari Tree

Do you know about Sundari tree? If not then allow me to tell you. Sundari tree is the most famous tree in Sundarbans. The best part is that Sundarban is named after the Sundari trees. When you enter Sundarban you get to see these trees in a huge number. They make the Sundarban green and very beautiful.

However, these trees have a story in its backdrop and that story is not at all happy or relaxing like Sundarban. Sundari trees are very well built and sturdy. People used them for their wood for long now. In this manner, they were being destroyed. Nonetheless, due to the seawaters, the soil is being depleted and the trees are harmed. This is not encouraging and good for Sundarban. In this manner and at a rapid rate if the trees start to vanish may be whatever reason it holds it will soon become an alarming condition for Sundarban.

We need to protect this Sundari trees:

  1. The government must give attention to these Sundari trees.
  2. The Locals must be aware of the dangerous situation.
  3. The Forest Department must take some quick steps.
  4. Sundari trees are long lived good built.
  5. Awareness must be spread.

When we all know that these trees are so important for Sundarban then why don’t you take proper care of these trees? Awarness is what is very important to save these trees. We all know UNESCO protects Sundarban and due to its protection The Royal Bengal, tiger was saved. Then why not the Sundari trees. The Sundari trees can also be saved and protected with proper care and plan.

Save the Trees:

The trees must be saved and protected with proper care and the governing bodies must take actions to protect it. This is important and this must be done in proper manner.