The Covid 19 Instruction from Tourism


The Covid 19 Instruction from Tourism

Now one of us is unaware of the fact that covid-19 has taken over India once again and it is the second wave of covid and it is devastating. Thousands and thousands of lives are being devastated every day. No, the solution is working. Not even vacations are a permanent solution. Moreover, now vaccine does are also not available in adequate amount. People are dying without oxygen and nothing can be done about it. Our Doctors and nurses are working hard every day to bring about a stable situation but that is also of no help.

No in such a situation if we do not come together then who will. We all need to come together and take a pledge to help each other in this time of crisis. We just can't stay far away. We just can't feel we do not need to take action. We are an Indian citizen and we need to take action. That is why our responsible tourism companies especially Sundarban tour West Bengal tourism have come forward and taken some important decisions.

  1. Tours will not be conducted from now. Until situations get normal.
  2. We will stand for each other and keeping everyone safe is our responsibility.
  3. If there is a patient around us, we shall try our level best to help them and not behaving like a heartless person to him.
  4. We will wear masks and do sanitize regularly. Social distancing is a must but we will not grow in humans.
  5. Eating healthy and staying fit is what we do ourselves and request all to do.
  6. Do not tend to book tours right now. Because we will not allow that to happen.
  7. We will conduct tours soon and that will be surely informed to you. But right now you need to rest at home.
  8. Only if necessity persuades you to get out of the house to buy something.
  9. Eat healthy especially immunity-rich food.
  10.  Practice good habits and healthy habits.

These 10 rules are a pathway through which we can beat covid 19 out of our life. Following them is not that difficult, we just need to have that zeal within. Together we can. That is why Sundarban tour West Bengal Tourism joins their hands with you and requests you to follow guidelines and stay safe.