Sundarban: The Pride of Bengal


Sundarban: The Pride of Bengal

Many people have many types of different emotions attached to Sundarban. Sundarban is not only a place but to say properly it is the pride of Bengal and Bengalis love to go there mostly during weekends. It is a fun place and there is a lot to learn from the place. If you take the right Sundarban tour package then you are ready to enjoy Sundarban.  Many a time you might have heard that Sundarban is the pride of Bengal but at least do you know why. Today in this blog we will tell you all. However, before that, we would like to discuss the recent storm that has blown over Sundarban.

The storm Yash has blown over Sundarban recently, disturbing a lot of lives there. Torturing a lot of people there. Yash has bought about the devastation in Sundarban and people are crying for help everywhere. We all pray for Sundarban and its soon recovery. I Hope Sundarban soon fights through the difficult situation and comes back like a winner. While Yash has hit Sundarban, people are still not relieved from the covid situation. This dangerous demon-like virus is taking thousands of lives every day. To stop this chain the government has asked its citizens to sit at home and wait till the covid goes away. We all must follow the guidelines:

  • Wearing the mask in right place is very important.
  • Using the sanitizer relieves us.
  • Keeping social distance protects us
  • Eating healthy and immunity booster keeps us safe.

So, when you have followed everything let's jump into the blog.

  1. Sundarban is the biggest Delta all over the world. It is naturally made and not at all manmade.
  2. Sundarban is the only Mangrove forest in the whole world that has a tiger settlement. In no other mangrove forest, the tigers love to stay.
  3. Sundarban joins two countries Bangladesh and India.
  4. Sundarban tour is safe and very healthy for all.



When will Sundarban tourism start?

Sundarban tourism will start soon and you will be able to enjoy the tour properly.

Will it be safe to travel to Sundarban then?

Yes, it will surely be safe to travel to Sundarban then and you must travel to Sundarban following all the guidelines.

Is Sundarban costly?

No Sundaban is not a costly place but it is a very beautiful place and very much affordable.