Snapshots from the Future—What Can You Do in Sundarban!


Snapshots from the Future—What Can You Do in Sundarban!

Are you sitting at home and dreaming to travel? Are you like us who is waiting for the Pandemic to get over and travel being? If yes then you will absolutely like the blog. Although now things are opening up slowly as the covid 19 is slowly taking a back seat, so you can be hopeful that your wishes will get fulfilled soon. No all the parts of India have opened up but some parts like Sundarban started to open. I recently got a chance to visit this amazing place Sundarban and what all the experience I had will be discussed here. 

If you do not know where Sundarban is and where is it located then seeing this Map you will surely get an idea of its location. This knowledge will make your Sundarban tour much more authentic. 

Sundarban Locating Map:

Yes, Sundarban is a Delta and it is situated so beautifully that it is joining two countries India and Bangladesh. 

Now when you know where Sundarban is, here are certain points that will help you travel and know it all about Sundarban:

1. How to reach?

If you are traveling to Sundarban first time and do not know how to reach there then here we are to help you out. The route to Sundarban is very easy and you just need a guided touring agent to show you that. if you are coming from outside Kolkata then first you need to reach Kolkata and from there, you can reach Sundarban by car or bus. It is just a 3 hours journey and you will reach the land of greens and the Royal Bengal Tiger.

 2. Whom to Contact?

There is always this question that whom you should contact if you want to reach Sundarban safely. For that, I will tell you to contact one of the best touring agents. They are the best who can guide you well in Sundarban. They plan for you everything beforehand and when you contact them they arrange for you everything and you reach Sundarban happily without any trouble. 

3. What to experience?

Sundarban is a very nice place so you shouldn’t worry about the experience. You will experience there a village life and some very cozy and warm people at the very first instant. They are generally Bengalis and they are very good people who will take care of you really well if you are in trouble or worried about your experience in Sundarban. 

4. What is the Climate?

The climate in Sundarban is generally hot or humid. So, if you do not have the habit of hot and humid weather then it is the right time you get habituated with it. But if you come during the winters like from October to February then you will get to enjoy very good weather in Sundarban because when Sundarban’s hot weather mixes with the cold breezes of winter it creates and completes a new atmosphere and essence altogether. You will just love it. 

5. What is the Population?

Sundarban is not hugely populated but that doesn’t mean it has a very less population. The population of Sundaran is scattered in different islands. Therefore, it seems that it is not very much populated. But it is like a small town or city altogether. 

6. What to Expect?

If you are coming to Sundarban then what you can expect is a warm welcome, some great places to visit, and really tasty food. Sundarban people are very warm and they will receive you really well. The places you will get to travel in Sundarban are also very beautiful and well placed. Now when I start talking about food then my mouth starts to water because the food is absolutely tasty. 

7. What are important things to carry?

The important things to carry in Sundarban are many because it is forest land and you must stay always extra protected while you are in Sundarban. You must carry mosquito repellant and sunscreen while you are going to Sundarban. These are a must. Take forest boots and carry some very comfortable clothes to Sundarban. 

8. What to eat?

The food is very special in Sundarban. What you can eat out here is something very tasty. You can eat hilsa, non-veg, veg, Bengali sweets, and what not out here. Honey is very famous out here. Everyone who comes to Sundarban does take a bottle of Honey back home. 

9. What is its attraction?

Sundarban has a list of tourist attraction places. Firstly it has the National Park which tourists really like, then it has the boat ride facility, third comes the watchtower, then the forest adventure. These activities in Sundarban do engage you all throughout the day. You enjoy it really well and you really like the experience. 

10. Is it safe for Children?

Yes, Sundarban is very safe for children and they actually like the place because they can see so many animals out there. Your child will love the place altogether and as Sundarban is a protected area you have nothing to worry about. 

11. Is it Costly?

No, Sundarban is not at all costly rather it is cost-effective. If you have less budget and you want to travel to a nice place then you must think of Sundarban. 

12. When is the Best time to travel?

Sundarban is always beautiful and always is the best time to travel to Sundarban. But if you are particular to know about the right time to visit Sundarban, then I must say it is from October to February. 

13. What are the occasions to celebrate?

The Occasions that are celebrated in Sundarban are Hilsa festival, Bonbibi festival, and Durga Puja is common because it is a Bengali populated place. 

14. Why it is a World Heritage?

It is world heritage because UNESCO has been prospecting it for since long. Now the Royal Bengals and other animals are safe and can live in harmony. 

15 .What is the future of Sundarban? 

The future of Sundarban brings and beautiful. It is happy and populated by tourists. 

Do your Sundarban tour booking from Beforehand and then you will see that your Sundarban travel experience will be better and properly planned. Without proper planning, you must never travel to Sundarban. You will not be able to enjoy it in a better manner.