Should We Travel to Sundarban during Monsoon


Should We Travel to Sundarban during Monsoon

Sundarban is a natural land, there is nothing manmade here, and if once you go there you will be surprised to see how the environment has loved this place and gave it its best look naturally. The delta is the world's largest delta. No human has ever been able to build such a huge delta yet. This is God's gift and we must love it and preserve it like this forever. The West Bengal Sundarban tour will take you to the land of love and land of peace Sudnarban. You will be able to experience the love of nature in its most authentic and purest forms. Sundarban takes away from you all worries and all tensions. It gives you the chance to stay happy. So traveling to Sundarban makes you so relaxed and so happy.

But many times the natural places have some natural problems also. It has its own yes and no. The one such yes and no situation prevails during monsoons. During Monsoon Sundarban is a bit weird to visit. It is because there is water on all sides and if the rivers get a bit angry it floods the land. So, during the monsoon, you have to be very adventurous to visit Sundarban. However, there is something very special about monsoon in Sundarban too. It's Hilsa fish.

Yes, you should visit:

  • For the Hilsa it is a good time to visit
  • The hilsa festival happen during this time in Sundarban
  • Best time to enjoy the rains, khichuri, and hilsa there
  • For foodies, it is like heaven during this time.

No, you shouldn't :

  • If you are not that adventurous and you fear the floods and wet weather then it is possible you won't like Sundarban this time.
  • Old and children shouldn't visit.
  • There are some worries of extreme mosquitoes bite out here during this time.
  • It is like getting into a forest during rains. So, be careful.

So, talk to your Sundarban tours and travels now and then decide whether they can bring you or should you come to Sundarban during these times. If you are confident then you are always welcome to Sundarbans.