Overview of Sundarban and how you can make a tour within budget


Overview of Sundarban and how you can make a tour within budget

Before making a plan to visit the Sundarban tour you should know about Sundarban first. I think the name Sundarban is derived from the word “Sundari” which means beautiful. It is an island of a large delta formed by the confluence of the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers. Sundarban is covered near about 10,000 sq. km2 area. 

But this area falls under the area of two neighboring countries i.e India and Bangladesh. So that Govt. of India and Govt. of Bangladesh is the governing body of Sundarban. Near about 4500+ sq km2 area lies in South 24 Paragana and North 24 Paragana districts of West Bengal, India. This is area is fully covered with Mangrove trees which contain many species of plants, but it is well known as Mangrove forest. Most tourists visit here to see the Mangrove forest only. The tourism department of both Indian govt. and West Bengal govt. has developed Sundarban as a tourist place in India. Now it is one of the first-line tourist places in India. As this delta is situated in the Bay of Bengal, there are many wild animals, wild birds, reptiles, mammals that like to live due to full filling all their basic need. Royal Bengal tigers are living here happily because of their safety and they are hunting freely. To keep in this mind Indian Govt. have made Sundarban National Park a tiger reservation area. 

Crocodiles prefer to play and swim in the rivers. Apart from that crocodiles can hunt in the river and on both sides of the river easily, so the numbers of crocodiles are gradually increasing from day to day.

Not forget to ask about these things to Sundarban tour and travel agent before Sundarban tour booking. 

Sundarban houseboat riding:- Due to Sundarban being the confluence of the river the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna you should ride a Sundarban houseboat to get some experience and pleasure.

All most of all Houseboats are well designed as per the security need for the Sundarban area. During the journey by houseboat, you can see the song of water, you can see the swimming crocodiles and their hunting technique. If you are lucky then you will see the Royal Bengal tiger in the bay of the mangrove forest or you can watch the swimming of tiger in the water also. If you are a brave goy then you should night stay at houseboat because at the night time houseboats stay at the riverside and nearer to the forest, in this time you can see the hunting of tiger. But you should remember to examine the security of the houseboat where you want to ride and night stay.

Bird watching tower:- This is also an important place during the Sundarban tour because you can watch the birds and wild animals from this tower clearly. As there is a huge mangrove forest is present in Sundarban, maximum birds from all over the world are attracted to these forests. Especially in the winter season, more than 580+ species of birds are available in this forest. From the bird watching tower, you can watch birds and listen to their conversation clearly. Apart from this, you can watch many wild animals which are moving freely in this forest like deer, wolves, hyenas, and many more. The bird-watching tower is well designed for enjoying the nature of beauty to the extreme point of tourist enjoyment. When you will to the Bird watching tower you can feel a garden-like environment by the combination of different colours birds. Really this is amazing.

Sundarban National Park:- Sundarban national park is a vital place to attract tourists for Sundarban tours. It is a tiger reserve area where tigers are moving freely from here to there. It’s the big delta of mangrove forest and is surrounded by a ferrous wire for best safety. Security personnels are appointed here to provide the best security to tourists. You can reach here by houseboat. You will have maximum chance to see the Royal Bengal tiger. Not only you will have the maximum chance to see the royal Bengal tiger but also you will get extra feelings of the reality of moving a tiger in the forest for hunting. You may get a chance to watch the hunting scene of the Royal Bengal tiger. During the visit to the national park, you will enjoy both houseboat riding and national park watching.

Evening Camp:- Evening camp is the most relaxing part for all tourists because evening camp is organized by local artists to perform their arts in front of tourists.

Local tourists are well trained about the local culture. Local folk dance is very popular all over West Bengal. So you should not miss this camp because you get some information about local culture. This cultural activity will give extra pleasure to you for your Sundarban tour. If you will visit in winter season then you will ask for fire camp in the evening.

How can you book a Sundarban tour?

There are many Sundarban tours and travel operators provide many Sundarban tour packages to all of their customers. Apart from this, they are giving customized tour package as per their customers’ requests. Therefore you should collect the right information about the tour operators and their experience in this field, after that go-a-head to book a Sundarban tour package within your budget. I think you should prefer to make a customized Sundarban tour package always because it will full fill all your requirements positively. Our suggestion is to make a Sundarban tour plan earlier and then book a Sundarban tour package before 1 month at least to get the best offer.