Not All Packages are for you-Know what you deserve


Not All Packages are for you-Know what you deserve

When you feel claustrophobic,

Open up and feel the air.

Soon tours will start,

We will meet again then.

As soon as the pandemic gets over I shall travel to Sundarban. This is what that I have decided. You surely have decided something like this. We all have actually. We are bored, tired, and irritated with the pandemic situation. We all are surfing through Sundarban packages online. We all are daydreaming a happy Sundarban tour. But nothing can be done about it. As the situations are so intense now and no one dares to move out of the house, we will have to close ourselves in our houses. We will have to decide what we want and what we must get.

But there is nothing wrong with knowing what are tour packages that you deserve. Yes, there is a proper classification amidst the tour packages. Not all the tour packages are for you. But sometimes we listen to our touring agents and think it's ok to take the package that he is telling. But most of the time we turn out to be wrong. We fall prey to stupidity. So it is always way better to know by yourself what you deserve.


What are your priorities:

Always consider beforehand that what your priorities. What you want and what you get. What makes your travel better, This is something no one else can decide upon. You need to decide it yourself. Once you have decided upon it, then you move to the next point.

What does your family need:

If we consider you are traveling with your family, then consider what does your family need. What are their needs? Ask them and make a list. Now carry on. Then talk to the agent about it and decide on the tour package.  It is very important to do.

Do you want a hotel or resort:

Now decide upon what do you want? Do you want a hotel or a resort? If you are comfortable in the hotel go for it, if in the Sundarban packages you find a resort you can also go for that. It's on you.

What kind of food you eat:

Now the next thing is what kind of food do you eat. What suits you better and what does your family love. Make all these points very clear with your travel agent and then book.