News on Sundarban and its Forests Rapidly vanishing


News on Sundarban and its Forests Rapidly vanishing

We all know Sundarban is amazing and vibrating. Sundarban is not only beautiful but it has many amazing history linked with it. It has a huge biodiversity with innumerable flora and fauna. The forest is so huge that it covers a huge part of the earth’s space. However, due to deforestation this beauty is getting depleted and ruined.

Sundarban is protected by UNESCO because of it’s large forest land and different types of biodiversity in it. However as because Sundarban is situated as a delta on a huge area surrounded by water, so it is ruined and damaged by different natural calamities. Though the environment lovers are taking different steps to stop this damage but still its happening.

Forests are damaged due to various reasons:

  • Cutting down of tree
  • Soil being loose and trees flow away in the flood.
  • Forest fire.

The UNESCO has taken many steps to save the trees because these forests are home to so many wild animals and birds. They find a shelter here and they feel safe without affecting the local inhabitants. Therefore, if these animals loose home they will randomly enter the local villages and towns affecting the social life.

The importance of protecting the forest:

  1. Maintain a proper balance in the environment.
  2. Supply us with proper oxygen and living gases.
  3. The medicinal plants save us from different ailments.
  4. Home for the wilds and birds.
  5. Protects from many harmful environmental calamities.

If we still do not get aware and take the right step to protect the forest then this carelessness might affect you one day. So, better be aware rather than regret in the recent future.

Take care of the forest:

It is our duty to take care of the forest and protect it from any outside attacks or problem. Let’s do it together.