Munching The Sundarban Food


Munching The Sundarban Food

We Bengalis are foodies. There is no doubt about this fact. Food starts our day and end too. We love different kind of food and our taste buds love good experiments with food. If the food is tasty then we fall in love with the place too. So, here in Sundarban two Bengals meet. The east and the west Bengal. They have their own different pallets and we get lucky to taste these different pallets. Especially during winters when Sundarban trip gives us the amazing taste of some very delicious pithas. This is a specialty of Sundarban. You will surely love it. You can surely watch the video to know about Sundarban more:


What are the amazing food that you find in Sundarban?

1. The Noksi Bori:

Sundarban has many food and they are very different from each other but one that is to be mentioned in Particular is Nokshi bori. If you are going to Sundarban and not tasting one of them, it is a loss. They look and taste beautiful and delicious.

2. Pithas:

Pithas are specially made during Winters. You can taste them and they will give you immense satisfaction. They are of different tastes. Generally sweet, salty, chilly etc.

3. Posto bora:

Every one those who go for Sundarban tourism they love this Posto bora. They are something which feel amazing when you taste them with hot rice, musoor dal and those posto bora. It is just heaven on the plate.

4. Narus :

Naru is a religious food. In almost all the religious festivals they are made. They can be in different shapes. But generally narus are found in round shape. They are very tasty and good to have in moring during breakfast.

  Now come and taste your delicacy in Sundarban