Lesser Fish Catch- Fishermen Move to Different Costal Regions


Lesser Fish Catch- Fishermen Move to Different Costal Regions

The fishermen those that catch fish, catch hold of generally fresh water fish. These fresh water fishes need a certain environment in the water to live and function. They can’t survive in a horrible water and climatic condition. However, due to some malpractices and climatic changes the fishes are unable to thrive in the Sundarban waters. Due to this prevailing condition in Sundarban the fishermen out there are planning to move away because their business is getting hampered there. This is not only affecting their livelihood but also creating a problem for all those who buy and sell fish in the local markets.

According to the reports,

  1. It has been reported that more that 500 hundred fishermen move away from the Sundarban region every year to other coastal regions so that they can get good fish out there.
  2. This has been happening for years now and fish in this region of Sundarban are vanishing at an alarming rate. It has affected badly the local business and tradition.
  3. One of the major reasons behind this is the malpractice of fishing, throwing unwanted wastes in the waters and not being at all responsible to ruin the waters. In this waters fish can never survive.

So, now you know why the fishermen are bound to move out of the region and shift to some other region for food and water. However, this is not only an alarming situation for the fishing community but a very bad situation for the complete local markets of fish and the local people too.

Be aware or it will result extreme bad:

Yes, you will have to be aware now or it will result in some horrible situation within no time. Be a bit more cautious and head towards a better future by keeping the waters clean so that fishes can live there happily.