Know all about the Holiday Packages and Itinerary


Know all about the Holiday Packages and Itinerary

Being one of the world heritage place it is one of the most tourist attracting place on earth. However, if you have never been to Sundarban or if you have not heard about it much, then this is the right time you know about it all.

Why do you need to know about Sundarban?

Knowing about Sundarban you get to know about a place which has shown and is showing immense love and care for wild animals. This is the place, which UNESCO has helped to save the Royal Bengal Tigers when they were in verge of extinction. Now not only tigers but many other wild animals and birds reside here with peace.

Here you will get to experience an amazing boat ride, folk dance, and many more other good things that you can guess to experience in a natural place like Sundarban.

Let’s know about Package:

Sundarban Package are of different variety. You need to choose the best among them. Here are some of the Sundarban packages:

  1. 1 night 2 days
  2. 2 night 3 days
  3. 1 day tour

These are some of the Sundarban packages that you can choose from. You can ask one of the best travel agents to help you choose the best package for Sundarban tour.

The itinerary:

Let’s know about the Sundarban itinerary here:

First, choose the right Sundarban tour package for you. Now:

  1. Travel to Sundarban by Car and reach by noon.
  2. Hotel stay and rest
  3. Sandeshkhali tour
  4. Bird sanctuary tour
  5. Tiger reserve tour
  6. Forest Safari.
  7. Boat ride etc.

These are some of the fun activities to do in Sundarban. But if you are lucky enough you will get to enjoy much more.

Book the ticket now:

Getting the ticket booked now will get you to the best Sundarban Packages. So, wait no more but get it done now.