Is Sundarban Favorable for Old People During February?


Is Sundarban Favorable for Old People During February?

Sundarban is an ever-beautiful place on earth. It is green that helps our eyesight, keep our lungs healthy and it's very calm and quiet that is why it's peaceful. Such an enumerating place can never be bad or unhealthy for anyone. You can also go through this blog called, "Relax Your Mind in Sundarban".

However, there is always an if and a but when the question comes in terms of small children and old people. These two phases of a person's life are very sensitive and crucial. These are phases where your immune system and your energy level are not that strong to fight every odd.

So, if you are thinking of travel to Sundarban during February with the older ones at your home, we think it's better to be pondered upon. Why so, let's analyze:

1. Winter Breeze can interrupt the health:

You must know that winter breeze that flows in Sundarban during this time is much colder and not at all healthy. It is because Sundarbans is situated just near the sea and the cold winds flow all around the place.

Sundarban is mostly isolated and the winter breeze out here is sometimes fatal. Not everyone is thus immune to these fatal winds. If the old age people fall sick it is not what we want. 

2. Moist weather is not always loved:

The weather at this point is Sundarbans is very moist and not healthy. This weather is the birth time of different dangerous insects and mosquitoes. Those who love adventures can adapt to any situation but for older people, it's not at all preferable.

3. Older people love the sun:

Sun is a very important component for older people during the winters. However, this sun is not in abundance during winters in Sundarban. Therefore, Sundarban during February is not always like by the older generation.

So, Sundarban is good but not always good for older people during winters. February for older people won't be a good choice if you are thinking of Sundarban Travel.