Information on visiting Bengal in this Covid Situation?


Information on visiting Bengal in this Covid Situation?

If you are targeting Bengal right now, then I will suggest you postpone your plan for few months. It is because right now Bengal is recovering from the second wave of covid and if you visit right now then it will be a problem for both you and Bengal. 

Sundarban its most beautiful tourist destination is also closed down for the tourists because of covid 19. The government of Bengal is taking strict steps so that the covid can be eradicated from Bengal within no time. If tourists keep on coming in then the government won’t be able to fight with covid properly. So the government has decided upon:

  1. No tourists, for now, the tourists will be informed later about the tour. 
  2. Strict lockdown at certain places.
  3. Tours and travels are completely stopped. 
  4. No one is allowed without a mask, gloves, sanitizer. 

Wait for at least three months more and soon this situation will go and you with your loved ones will visit Bengal again. Life is hard at all places right now. So it is better if you do not get out of your home and take up tours and travels. 


Q. What is the condition of Bengal during covid?

Bengal is copping up with covid very well and all its credit goes to its governing body and doctors. Covid spread out in Bengal very badly due to the political rallies during the last few months. But the government has shown immense concern and done everything possible to get rid of this covid. 

Though it has not been eradicated completely but the way things are going, it will soon be eradicated from the premises of Bengal. 

Q. Is Covid still prevailing in Bengal?

Yes, but not in a devastating fashion. Covid is still there but it is not being able to harm Bengal with the power it attacked it. It has been controlled and if people and the government work together then soon it will be completely eradicated from Bengal. There is nothing to worry about measures are being taken. 

Q. How Should one protect oneself during travel in this covid situation? 

When you are traveling in this covid situation, you must be very careful about masks, gloves, sanitizer, and social distancing. If you maintain all these then soon you will see that covid has been washed off and you have been saved without being harmed.