How did My American Friend enjoy at Sundarban?


How did My American Friend enjoy at Sundarban?

I am very lucky to have John as my friend. He is an American and a very good man. By profession, he is a painter and was talking to me about how he was missing something lately in his painting. I thought it was his creative blank period and I wanted to help him.

However, I also didn't know-how. Later that summer I visited the beautiful Sundarbans in West Bengal. I felt the place was amazing and accomplishing. Soon I called up John and told him about this beautiful place in West Bengal called Sundarbans.

He was super excited to know about Sundarbans and planned to take up the best and most essential  Sundarban tour for 1 Day and 2 Night Package. Soon all his tickets were booked. A good well manner travel guide was appointed. He visited Sundarbans just at the start of the winters.

Here what he explained Sundarban as:

1. Soft and Shy Beautiful and mild:

Yes, Sundarban gave him this very feeing at the very first instant. He felt Sundarban as a shy wife, who is soft and mild. This feeling to an American is not very common, but when Sundarban was able to impart him this feeling, it surely has done some magical effect on him.

2. Greenish Blue with a patch of yellow:

The colors that he described Sundarbans are Greenish Blue with a patch of yellow. How beautifully he depicted Sundarbans, isn't it? What he tried to say is that the green forest and in midst of it the blue sky is seen at some frequent instances. Through these sneak peek, the yellow rays of sun played through.

3. Reddish hue soon setting in blue:

When the sun sets in Sundarbans the reddish hue surrounds the sky for a moment and then the blue and deep blue resulting in the dark comes in. To him, all these views were amazing and mesmerizing.

He did paint all these in his drawing campus and enriched the beauty of Sundarbans. His best Sundarban Tour package for 1 day and 2 Night was amazing.