Happy Tour to Sundarban during Covid-19


Happy Tour to Sundarban during Covid-19

A good tour and travel is very important for your refreshing mind and happy existence. However, this is being neglected and thrown away in today’s environment. The covid19 has stopped every one of us in our homes. It has stooped our regular life and told us not to move out of our house. The best part of Sundarban eco tourism is being stopped by this environmental situation.

But when the heart wants to set free then nothing can keep you bounded. You just need to or have to move out of your barriers and enjoy some time in the place where your heart wants. Now the situations are so that you can’t go to any or every place. You need to choose as of which place you want to or should travel. Among those selective places Sundarban is one. The Sundarban government is very concerned about it’s tourism and therefore, it has allowed it’s tourism to start but following all rules and regulations.

How this happy tour is conducted?

  • This happy tour is conducted following certain rules and regulations,
  • The government is very much protective and aware of security.
  • Hygiene is well maintained and nicely kept.
  • No extra tourists are allowed other than the allotted number.
  • Everything from hotels to touring vehicles are well sanitized.

When to Come to Sundarban?

You must and should come to Sundarban during the months of October and November. You will get to enjoy a very nice weather here and life will become absolutely happy and refreshing. The Sundarban tour booking at this time is also easier and better.

Plan it Now:

Yes, it is time you plan it now and enjoy a happy tour to Sundarban. The best and the authentic Sundaban package is what you must take and enjoy a happy tour to Sundarban.