Guide for a Winter Visit to Sundarban


Guide for a Winter Visit to Sundarban

Winters are mesmerizing…

Dewey morning… fog all around,

Cold winds blow with a shrilling sound.

Roads are empty and lakes are still…

Oh! What a heavenly calmness prevails. 

I need nothing but a hot cup of Coffee

with some Sundarban aroma and Pitha with it...

Just by writing this poem, I am feeling cold and my body is shivering. I feel— I am sitting on the porch of a Sundarban houseboat, with a white shawl all over me… soon a man came and served me hot coffee. While I sipped in the hot coffee, from a box in his hand he gave me “bhapa pitha” with a smile… 

Delicious hot coffee served with Sundarban flavored Bengali cuisine “Bhapa pitha” is just like heaven on earth. I think everyone must feel this bliss at least once in their life. Sundarban tourism is amazing. 

Let’s not deviate from today’s topic;

Here is your guide:

1. Pack minimum winter clothes: 

No one goes to Sundarban to stay a week. You can take a Sundarban tour 1-day package or maybe two. That is the limit. So, there is no need to take a huge amount of clothes with you to Sundarban. It is of no help. Just two sweaters, one jacket, a shawl, two caps and two pairs of socks are enough. 

2. Carry your blanket:

It is better that you carry your blanket because it is covid time and you shouldn’t use other’s clothes or blankets because in that manner you might get contaminated. Better carry your fresh blanket. 

3. Do carry the camera:

If you are coming to Sundarban then do carry a camera with you. If you are not doing that then how will you click some great pictures out there? Do not ever forget the camera because during winters Sundarban glows differently. 

4. Take a Tiffin box to bring Pithas

“Pithas” are delicacies that you will get to eat in Sundarban only during these times. There are different kinds of pithas. You can choose your favorite from there. So take a Tiffin box and collect all the pith as you like out there. Eat them when you come home and take a beautiful flavor of Sundarban back with you at home. 

 Here is also a beautiful blog to tell you why you must: 6 reasons why you must visit Sundarban in winter.
 Here is sneak peek from the blog:

Mysterious Atmosphere:

The atmosphere that is prevailing at this place during winter seems magical and mysterious. The fog that passes through this mangrove forest seems like the Alice in wonderland story is going to repeat itself.

Whatever mysterious stories you have read in your childhood seem like real with the mysterious atmosphere that prevails here. Let your Sundarban travel be absolute bliss.