Five Offbeat Places in Sundarban– Only Locals Know


Five Offbeat Places in Sundarban– Only Locals Know

  1. Golpatar Jungle
  2. Jhorkhali:
  3.  Chargheri Char:
  4. Hiran Point
  5. Dutta River:


Yes, Sundarban is an amazing place and in a place like Sundarban it is for sure there will be some unknown place that are still not so popular among the visitors. So offbeat places to visit Sundarban Tour is an amazing experience. I am sure you shall like the experience. However, if you are still not sure about your tour, the after reading a blog you will surely start to gain interest in this tour.

1. Golpatar Jungle:

Golpatar jungles are vast area spread throughout area of Sundarban. They are amazing lands and if you do not see it yourself you won’t believe. This is a land of immense natural habitat and wild animals. This place is not yet famous among travelers but yes, they are some great lands.

2. Jhorkhali:

This place is also very beautiful and is said to be the gateway of Sundarban with amazing forest life and beautiful sceneries. You will get to see here amazing sunrise and sunsets. The sky is clear and without any air pollutants. This is an amazing place.

3. Chargheri Char:

Ok this place is amazing and beautiful too but there is a different reason why it is so. Want to know why? Yes, because of its crabs. There are some other amazing sea creatures too. You can find here the starfish, the octopus and many more.

4. Hiran Point :

This is also a very spectacular place. The island is surrounded on all its sides by water bodies. It is like a dream island. In the island, the forest has deer, monkeys, tigers and what not. It sometimes seem to me like Mogwali’s jungle.

5. Dutta River:

This is an enchanting place but especially during night. The atmosphere around the place is magical and you get to see stars, clear sky, fireflies all around. This is very important. Just do it once.

Come visit the offbeats:

It’s time for you to visit the offbeats now. Sundarban tour west Bengal Tourism is for all and for everyone those who will like to come to Sundarban and enjoy it’s amazing beauty are always welcomed here.