Five Misconceptions about Sundarban Tourism


Five Misconceptions about Sundarban Tourism

Hello friends!

Today I am here to clear all your doubts regarding Sundarban Tourism. Those who do not know about Sundarban, let me tell you Sundarban is a wonderful place and the biggest factor is that it is a UNESCO reserve.

UNESCO has taken up all the responsibilities to protect it and preserve it.

People come here for many reasons. Some come to enjoy, some to take up some projects, some to watch birds and others to do some research on the wild animals.

Therefore, whatever your purpose may be Sundarban Tour is going to bore you a good result. However, recently we have been hearing about some misconceptions that have surrounded Sundarban tourism.

We will clear all those here today.

1.Sundarban is only known for Sundari tree:

Yes, it is a very common conception that Sundarban is only famous for the Sundari trees that are found here. However, it is not true Sundarban is famous for many other reasons as for its mangrove forest, tiger reserve, different types of Flora and Fauna and a lot other things.

 So, those who still bore this misconception in mind that Sundarban is only famous for its trees, it is not so.

2.Sundarban composes of 54 Islands:

Ok! Sundarban is not made up of 54 Islands, rather it is made up of 102 islands all total. You will be surprised to know that it is Sundarban is 2nd to Venice in the count of islands.

So we hope your misconception about the count of islands in Sundarban is cleared now.

3. There are Ganga and Brahmaputra in Sundarban:

Yes, it is a fact that Brahmaputra and Ganga are there is Sundarban but these are not only the famous rivers in Sundarban. There is Padma, Meghna, Hooghly those who flow in Sundarban.

Therefore, there is a lot of rivers in Sundarban that flow in Sundarban.

4. Only endangered species is the Royal Bengal Tiger:

Many of us think that Sundarban's only endangered species is the Royal Bengal Tiger. This is not true.

There are many other endangered species here, such as the Pangolin and the King Cobra.

5. Olive Ridley Turtles exclusively belong here:

There are olive ridley turtles here in this area. However, this is not their native place. These turtles travel a long distance to land up in Sundarban. They lay their eggs here.

So now, you know the fact about these turtles.

 Now it's your time to take a good Sundarban Tour Package and visit Sundarban.