Enjoyment in the winter season at Sundarban


Enjoyment in the winter season at Sundarban

The demand for Sundarban travel is high at present. If you check travel activities it’s very clear that you will find that most of the tourists like to travel to Sundarban in the winter session. Tourists are very comfortable in Sundarban in this season due to the suitable climate in this session. The weather remains clear during this season and it is known as the most suitable to travel full day easily. If you want to enjoy your tour more and more then you can visit all sightseeing comfortably if you travel during the winter season. Tourists will not get a boarding atoll or even stay more days on their Sundarban tour. 

It’s true, Sundarban is an island that is the confluence of the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghana rivers. It is formed in the form of a delta with a large amount of mangrove forest. Many animals, birds, and reptiles have been found in this forest, which gives better enjoyment to tourists. Tourists can enjoy here all time but why do they prefer the winter is the best time to visit Sundarban.

Let's discuss them one by one.  

• Gorgeous mangrove forest

Although the trees shed their leaves in the winter season, the trees shed their leaves rarely during this season in Sundarban. This forest is the livelihood of the local people so you can meet the local people. With this, you can enjoy this forest. You will like the environment there. Mangrove forest welcomes birds from various parts of the world in the winter season. More than 500 species of birds stay there this time. Apart from this, the scenario of mangrove forests is very charming in this period. 

• Riding of houseboat

Riding a houseboat is very interesting for Sundarban trip. It is very special in the winter season because during this season the water is quite calm in nature and tourists get more chances to see the swimming crocodiles and fishes in the river in this season. During the river cruise, you can enjoy the sunshine a lot. You are very likely to see Royal Bengal Tigers on the banks of the river. You will get more relaxed and excited in the houseboat during traveling in the narrow canal within the mangrove forest.           

• The climate is enjoyable 

Sundarbans is a dense forest that is quite humid even in winter. It is at it’s wet peak but during the winter season it is at it’s moderate level. The climate is easy to enjoy at this time, and a pleasant environment is one of the reasons that attract visitors here. If you are traveling on a safari or cruise then the open air is clear and beautiful. You can enjoy it more. Climate is one of the reasons why a Sundarbans trip is best planned in winter. No one will get boar in Sundarban in the winter season even staying excess time than their estimated time due to the climate. 

 • Beautiful bird watching

Bird watching is one of the pleasant attractions of Sundarban travel and Sundarban ecotourism. But the attraction becomes more in the winter season. The Sundarban water body is known as the home of a wide variety of migratory birds that gives extra pleasure to tourists. 

In the winter season, you can spot some birds that make the forest area a paradise for bird watchers. You can see birds like herons, egrets, storks, green pigeons, cormorants, sandpipers, darters, seagulls, teals, great and little spoonbills, partridges, various and rare wild geese, and ducks. There are too many bird-watching towers are available in Sundarban such as the Sajnekhali bird-watching tower, Sudhanyakhali watch tower, Kalas camp, and many more. You can enjoy the activities of birds closely and clearly from these bird-watching towers. 

• Enjoy food

You can partake of beautiful food in this Sundarban National Park. All of which have access to freshly cooked food. You can enjoy this food by having it. Which has been really enjoyable. In the winter season, fresh vegetables from local markets are available for delicious meals in Sundarban. This is one of the reasons to visit this region in winter.  

If you are visiting this region in winter, you can avail of all kinds of facilities that will bring you a pleasant and overall beautiful experience. 

So, You can make a plan for a Sundarban tour in this winter season for better enjoyment in Sundarban. There are many Sundarban tour packages available in the market for family or friends. Group tour is specially designed by the many Sundarban tour operators for the winter season only. So think a lot before making a Sundarban tour. Your tour will be the best if you will make your Sundarban trip with the best Sundarban tour operator. Hence finding a genuine and expert Sundarban travel agent is a vital factor before making your Sundarban tour.