Durga Puja 2020 with Royal Bengal Tigers


Durga Puja 2020 with Royal Bengal Tigers

This Durga Puja let it be celebrated in the wilderness of Sundarban. 2020 itself is a very different year. It is a year that non of us ever imagined could be. But it is here and we have been trying a lot to cope with it. We kept our self locked down indoors for so many days and we were not allowed to move out.

We agreed to all but now it is the time of festival. Bengali’s biggest festival durga pujo is here now. During this pujo you will surely like to get a break through. You will surely want something happening, something new and that is why we are telling you to come to Sundarban and watch the Royal Bengal Tigers. Sundarban is a nice place, here you will get to enjoy the Bengali cultural Durga pujo as well as you will get to enjoy a forest travel, watching wild animals and birds and everything all together.

In this Sundarban tour, you will not only enjoy Durga Pujo, good food, nice people but a whole lot of adventure in the jungle, folk songs, drama and nice life.

Things you need to remember before you come to Sundarban:

  1. Wear Mask and use sanitizers:

You must and you should wear a mask always while you are travelling. Sanitizers are also very important to carry. It keeps you protected and safe.

  1. Social distancing is must:

Social distancing is a must while you move out. If you do not maintain this then you can never stay protected from any kind of infection.

  1. Test before riding the boat:

Before you take a boat ride always take the thermal test. It will assure you and other co passengers that  they are safe.

  1. A 24 hours help from doctors:

If you need you will surely get a good 24 hours doctor’s help and you will stay protected definitely.

Go book the travel now:

What to wait for any way? You just need to book the travel now and enjoy a nice durga puja this time.