Daily Life in Sundarban during the Period of CoViD-19


Daily Life in Sundarban during the Period of CoViD-19

Sundarban is basically a very natural place. A place where you get to breathe and be with nature. This place needs to be preserved and protected. So UNESCO came forward and started protecting this land and its wild life. However now during the covid-19 period, things are all out of place. As it has affected the whole world, so it has affected Sundarban too. Sundarban is no more that unbound and free land. It has also been bounded in restrictions and different rules.

It is still ok for the humans. Their daily Life in Sundarban is a bit hampered but they can be locked down in their homes. However, when it comes to animals, it is a bit saddening because these poor things are no more visited by humans. The entertainment, food , love everything has been lost. May be they are missing the humans too.


Talking about the tourism, it has also taken a back sit. But as the government is very strict and enthusiastic, the situations are somewhat under control in Sundarban. The hygiene and everything is well taken care of and the tourists are coming. It is practically not possible for anyone to stay locked down in their houses for so long. So just to take a break they sometimes visit Sundarban and feel relived. As so many precautionary measures are taken now in Sundarban, so basically you do not need to worry that much.

What people Ask?

Q. Should we go for Sundarban tour during Covid 19?

A: Yes, you can go for a Sundarban tour during covid 19 because it will actually make you happier.

Q. Is it safe to visit Sundarban now?

A: Yes, it is safe to visit Sundarban now because they are very careful about hygiene and sanitization.

Q. Will it be a costly tour?

A: No, it won’t be a costly tour because Sundarban is actually a minimum priced place.

Go for a Sundarban tour now:

Sundarban’s daily life is ok now. You can go for a Sundarban tour now. Being a natural habitat, it is not that much affected by Covid 19. It is a good news for you.