Can School Students go to Sundarban after Lockdown?


Can School Students go to Sundarban after Lockdown?

A land being so unique always attracts people. Sundarban is loved by all especially by children because here they can experience so many things like animals, birds, boat rides, nature and so many such things. So, yes Sundarban is unique and children lot it a lot. If you ever have been to Sundarbna then you know what I am talking about. But now due to lockdown and covid 19 everything has stopped and nothing is going on in its normal form or acceleration. So, to come back to the original form we are taking time. It's ok and it's natural too. Soon the black cloud of this covid will get over and we will again enjoy our natural life. Then  Sundarban tour won't be a big no-no. More than the adults the children are missing Sundarban. They are frustrated sitting down at home and doing only their studies. Their little minds want a break and play in the beauty of nature.

But right now you will have to hold back and stay at your beautiful homes. You need to wear a mask, sanitize and maintain social distance. This is very important to stay safe and drive out covid quickly from the world.

Now the main question is after this covid is over will children be allowed to come to Sundarban and enjoy? Especially the school can they come to Sundarban and enjoy their school trips?

The answer is yes. But there are conditions related to this yes. Know it now from this blog. You will have to follow everything only then can you be allowed to enjoy freely.

Do not forget Mask:

You can't forget the mask. You must wear it continuously. If you do not do so then you will invite covid once again. That is something you cannot afford to do. So, maintain the rules.

Always sanitize:

Always and after every minute sanitizes your hands especially. Take a bath properly so that you remove all viruses on your body. Maintain it always. Do not forget.

Social Distancing is still necessary:

Social distancing is a must and you can't come too close to your friends that the virus can transmit. It is a must and you must maintain. If you can agree only then you can travel freely.

Eat healthy food for immunity:

You must always eat healthy food for your immunity. Even while you travel it is a must. Eating healthy and fresh is very important. Travel with a better and safer Sundarban tour package for ensuring this.

Maintain and Enjoy