Best places to visit in India in summer with a low budget


Best places to visit in India in summer with a low budget

All the countries located in the Northern hemisphere experience the summer season from March to June. It is very high temperature with the intense sun rays of the sun, so the people of India organize a trip to escape this summer and make their vacations. Thankfully, India is blessed with mountains, hills, beaches, exotic forests, rivers, and many other places to visit during the summer that provide respite from the intense heat waves.  

For those who want to collect some memories with their friends and family during this summer vacation in India, there are some amazing cool places in India. Apart from this mountain region, there are some other cool places to visit in India in the summer.     

Monali -

Monali is a vacation snow-capped range of North India here you can spend your amazing vacation here with the picture of green mountains. Monali is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India in the summer. You will get to see the plants.

It’s a budget trip for any person who enjoys natural beauty. 

  • Tourists can reach the nearest airport Bhuntar which is 50 km away from Monali.
  • By rail, the nearest railway station is Chandigarh railway station.
  • The road trip is an important factor for your travel during a road trip you can enjoy nature.


Digha is a famous sea beach resort town in West Bengal, situated between the East Midnapore district and the northern border of the Bay of Bengal. Digha is known for its more than seven kilometers long sandy beach. At Dega’s Low-Gradient Beach, the sea begins about a mile from where you touch the beach offering vast expanses of beautiful sand. The cesarean trees along the coast add to the ethereal charm of the seaside town originally known as Borecole at the time of Warren Hastings, the British discovered this small fishing town in the late 18th century. Like Kanyakumari, Digha offers the surreal experience of watching sunrise and sunset over the salty waters of the Bay of Bengal.

If you are going to travel to Digha, then you can visit here at any time of the year. Tourist visit here for a duration of one day or two days.

How to reach

By air:-  The nearest airport of Digha is NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose international airport in Kolkata. Kolkata is well connected with other cities in India as well as other countries. Digha is also well connected with Kolkata by railway and road.

By train:- Digha railway station is connected to Howrah railway station. Howrah railway station is well connected with another city in India. So, tourists can reach here from everywhere by railway.

By road:- It is connected to Kolkata and Howrah (168 km) by a highway and buses travel from Kolkata to Digha regularly. The distance from Dharamsala bus station to Digha is around 180km.


The mere mention of Darjeeling is enough to evoke the beautiful tea gardens and magnificent surroundings nestled in the heart of the mountains of eastern India called the Himalayas. It is one of the cheapest tourist places in India, Darjeeling lets you take home precious memories of traveling in the lap of nature. There’s nothing quite like getting up into the fresh mountain air and sipping a hot cup of Darjeeling tea while watching the sunrise over the tiger Hills. While there, don’t forget to hop on the famous toy train that runs between New Jalpaiguri railway station in West Bengal via Siliguri, Kurseong, and Gum to Darjeeling. If you cover the entire 80 km route, the memorable toy train ride will cross more than 500 bridges and roll through plains and green valleys.

  • The best time to visit Darjeeling is April to June and the ideal duration for this place is 2 to 4 days.

How to reach:-

Bagdogra is the nearest airport which is 12 km from Siliguri. Tourists can reach the NetajiSubash Bose international airport in Kolkata. Then take different road routes, air, and railway route to reach Darjeeling.By the railways, tourists can easily reach to Darjeeling. It is a low-budget trip in summer.


It is the largest river island in the world .it spared over the Brahmaputra river and it’s full of natural beauty. It is also known as the cradle of the Assam civilization. It has a unique mix of culture and heritage sites. If you’re looking for an offbeat location somewhere in the peace of the Northeast, you can’t go wrong with Majuli. So, if you are making a list of summer destinations in India for your next trip, Majuli must be there.

 Kashmir the best tourist place in India’ during summer: 

When we talk about a summer destination, how can we forget Kashmir which is the best tourist place in India for the summer season.Gulmarg, Srinagar, and Pahalgam in the Kashmir valley form the perfect triangle for any tourist to explore. Actually, 3 is nothing less than a paradise hideaway. For this area, the ideal duration of planning is 5 to 7 days.


Sundarban is also a beautiful tourist place in West Bengal which is the best for the winter season but it is manageable in summer also because there is a huge mangrove forest available in Sundarban. Hence heat can be minimized in Summer. So, you can make a Sundarban tour in summer within a low budget.