All You need to know about Rivers of Sundarban


All You need to know about Rivers of Sundarban

We all know Sundarban is a delta and it is the world's largest delta. As because it is a delta, it is clear that it is surrounded by water on all sides. These water bodies form a large part of Sundarban and need to be known and understood properly. Many of us those who have visited Sundarban has just gone to Sundarban, enjoyed, and come do not know many of the facts about Sundarban. Today in this blog you are going to know about all the rivers in Sundarban and how you can enjoy Sundarban during this covid19 second stage.

If you think it is not necessary to know about the rivers of Sundarban then you are wrong. It is very necessary to know about the rivers of Sundarban and You must get to know them here right now.

Do you know Sundaban has Panchmukhi rivers:

Yes, Sundarban is the place where the five rivers meet and come together to make a beautiful confluence. This looks so beautiful and amazing to see and feel. Not all places enjoy this kind of sights. Only Sundarban does. So, it makes eligible to know Sundarban in this manner. Let's know it.


The Padma is Precious River to both the countries India as well as Bangladesh. It is one of the distributaries of the Ganges. It flows to the Bay of Bengal and makes a beautiful confluence with the river Meghna.


This river is completely in Bangladesh and is one of the most important rivers there. This river and the other two make the Ganga delta. As we all know Sundarban is the largest delta on this Earth.


The length of this river is 160 km. This river is a distributary of Bangladesh. Yes, after the Padma it is one of the most valued rivers in Bangladesh.


You will be glad to know that this is the longest river in Bangladesh and it is also a distributor of the Ganges. As because it is the longest river it passes through different districts in Bangladesh.

Hugli :

If you want you can surely call Hugli to be the Ganges of Bangladesh. It is 260km long. It passes through West Bengal too. You must come and watch this beautiful river.

The Sundarban eco tourism will help you know about these rivers more and you will surely gain a piece of new knowledge about Sundarban when you get to know about these rivers. Now when you visit Sundar ban you will visit with complete knowledge.