All about Sundarban Pithe puli Festival 2019


All about Sundarban Pithe puli Festival 2019

Winter and Bengal Pithe go hand in hand. Bengal’s winter combined with sweet pithe is what Bengalis wait for. Every state in India has its own culture and wonderfully delicious dessert. In Bengal, winter is the time when every Bengali household prepares a very different kind of desert known as pithe. 

If you do not know, what is pithe then it is a sweet preparation made of rice flour and jaggery. There is a different variation of pithe such as: 

These are the different delicacies of Bengal that you will get to taste only during winter. The best place to engross into these flavors is Pithepuli festival. So how about taking up a Sundarban Puli Utsav Tour. There will be varieties of pitheas at this festival. 

How will you take up the Sundarban Travel

To go to Sundarban you first need to book a good travel agent. They will get the tickets, stay and everything regarding enjoying that festival ready for you. You will just need to follow them. 

Let’s talk about the 2 Night and 3 days stay in Sundarban during this festival: 

There is no need to stay for long at Sundarban to enjoy this festival during winter. A short holiday of 2 Nights and 3 days in Sundarban will give you every flavor of staying in Sundarban. 

During this stay you will get to enjoy the sweet pithas at the festival, you will get to listen to some amazing Bengal folk songs and performances, you will also enjoy the enhanced culture of Bengal to the fullest. 

Book your tickets Now:

Don’t wait anymore. Book your tickets now for enjoying this amazing pithe puli utsav at Sundarban this time.