A Visit to Pakhiralaya Island


A Visit to Pakhiralaya Island

This is a very beautiful Island and if you visit it once, you will never forget it. It has a beauty of its own and it must be visited when you are going to Sundarban at least once. The name in Bengali means where the birds stay. Yes, this is the place of birds. You can say that this is the Kingdom of birds. Your first and the best Sundarban tour will be this.

A huge amount of local as well as migrating birds resides in this place in harmony. You will love to see the Variety and beauty of the place. If you are a bird lover then you will love to be here. Bring your camera and click some amazing pictures of this place, It is significantly beautiful and generously well decorated by the nature. You will get to see here:

Amazing birds:

The birds are so beautiful out here. The birds sign and stay in this place happily and call upon all those who visit here. You can click some amazing pictures out here with these birds.

Wild animals:

The wild animals are not wild. They are very well-natured and good. They also snatch your heart away with their beauty. You will enjoy yourself with them.

Natural beauty :

Natural beauty is something that you can feel in this place. You will love the feel and the nature of the place. You will surely love to come here again and again.

But always choose the right Sundarban tour package. To visist Sundarban better.


How and when to visit Sundarban?

Many people always ask about how and when to visit Sundarban. It is a common question that we get. Sundarban is not a problematic place to visit. But it must be visited with the understanding of the place. If we want to understand the when then I must say that you can visit Sundarban any time of the year. And how can be by bus, by train or by car? It is completely upon you.

What are the important points about Sundarban?

The important points about Sundarban are many. But the points that you must remember are:

It is a delta and it is surrounded by water on all sides.

It is a mangrove forest

Wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger reside here.

It is a nice natural place.

What makes Sundarban Beautiful?

Sundarban is beautiful because Sundarban is natural and graceful. Sundarbans has it's own natural beauty and it doesn't need the outside beauty to make it beautiful. It is one of a kind and amazing.