A Detailed Story about Sajnekhali Watch Tower


A Detailed Story about Sajnekhali Watch Tower

The covid stories are everywhere and we are all aware of the fact that the second wave of covid is devastating. It is taking away more lives than ever and nothing is getting better anyway. When the first wave struck us, we fought it well and didn't let it damage us in any vigorous manner. But when this second wave has come we are more than worried. The doctors and the health facilities are collapsing at a rapid rate.

During this time thinking of a Sundarban tour or Sundarban tour package is a strict no-no. You must stay at your home and relax and do not get out of your home if not urgently required. If you were planning a tour you must not do so because planning a tour during this time will just push you to hell and leave you devastated.

However, heart leaps for a tour, it doesn't want to stay within closed doors for long. So, to helps you enjoy a virtual tour to Sundarban we are writing this concentrating on the Sajnekahli watchtower.

  • After walking such a long distance when you get up the watchtower you feel the bliss.
  • At first, the cool breeze seeps over your face and you feel peace. The long walk feels no more tiring rather worth walking.
  • The scenic beauty is one to die for and when you hear all those howls and chirping from the place you help you enjoy bliss.
  • From the watchtower, you can see the tigers, other animals, and also the birds enjoying their natural habitat.
  • The sight itself is so blissful that it drives away all your stress and you feel relaxed.

This time when the lockdown gets over do get the best Sundarban tour Package and come here. You will get to feel more of the natural beauty this time.