A Children Tour to Sundarban


A Children Tour to Sundarban

Happy are those days

Secure are those memories

Encrypted is that thought-

Which has a memory attached,

A story to tell. -

Miss Roy

When the situation comes that you can go for a children tour to Sundarban, then you must never lose that opportunity. These are the tours that get organized by the school or any of your tuition classes. But these tours develop memories.  The Sundarban school tour is something that will be in your memories for a long. These memories will help you grow with your thought when you are sad and without any hope.

So, without missing a chance like this you must straight forward dive into it.

First thing first, you must know,

How to prepare for the tour?

Take the permission of your parents and then give the assurance of your travel to Sundarban. You must be mentally prepared that there your parents are not going to be with you. You will be on your own and your teachers will be there for you to guide you whenever you need any help. Now, when you are mentally prepared the next step is preparing your bag. You must pack everything that is needed and not overload it. If you are under any medication then pack those medicines too. Do pack sunscreens and sunglasses.

After you have packed everything, you are kind of ready to go.

Points to remember while travel:

  • Get on the bus after you know you have freshened up in the morning.
  • Take vomiting tablets if you have a vomiting tendency.
  • Don't fill your stomach when you get on the bus.
  • While traveling munch on a lot of fruits to stay hydrated.
  • Drink water.
  • Enjoy Sundarban but also follow what your teachers say.
  • To make your visit in Sundarban a happy one we have tried to provide you a proper guide. Hope this helps and you enjoy and feel good at Sundarban.


CHEER UP! You are going out for a happy tour to Sundarban and it's time you not only enjoy but learn a lot. Hope everything works in your favor and you enjoy it well. Hoping that you will bring back a lot of happy memories with you.