6 Amazing Honeymoon Places Near Kolkata for 2022


6 Amazing Honeymoon Places Near Kolkata for 2022

The couples who have married in this pandemic situation, their Honeymoon destination is a big question now. Where will they go? Will they stay protected there? Is it right to travel now? All these questions are there in the mind of all those couples. But Honeymoon is a very important part of every married couple it must be some special place too. As you are not allowed to travel far, so why not stay close and enjoy a happy honeymoon? 

So, here are some five destinations near Kolkata where you can easily enjoy your Honeymoon: 

1. Mandarmani: 

An amazing place near the side of the sea and with some very beautiful scenic beauty to enjoy. This place is one of a kind and if you have not visited this place yet then now is the time to visit and enjoy its beauty. 

Distance: 171 km from Kolkata

You will enjoy the beach and the Sunset out here. 

It’s just a 4 hours drive. 

2. Bakkhali:

It is situated in the South Western part of Sundarbans and it is a beauty that must be visited and enjoyed. If you haven’t been to this part of Sundarban then you must make a plan to visit it now. 

Distance: 125 km from Kolkata 

There are islands where you can spend some loving time. 

October to March are the best time to come here. 

3. Digha:

Digha is a very beautiful place and if once you come here then you will understand what a beautiful place it is and how amazing you can enjoy it here near the sea. 

Distance: 195km from Kolkata

September to March is the best time to reach out there and enjoy to the fullest. 

4. Sundarban:

It is amazing and a very beautiful place already and it has some scenic beauty to enjoy from. If you once come to Sundarban you will see how beautiful the place is and how great you enjoy it here with loved ones.

Distance: 109 km from Kolkata 

Enjoy the wildlife, the boat ride, and the wild animals from the watchtower.  

5. Raichak:

It is located by the bank of Bhagirathi in Hooghly. It is a small town and it’s front side has a beautiful river flowing by. It is one of the ideal Honeymoon destination near Kolkata. It is a very beautiful and scene place and the mood of the place is very romantic.

Distance: 52 km from Kolkata

Best time to come here is from October to March

It’s just a 2 hours and 15 mins drive from Kolkata to this place.

6. Shantiniketan:

Shantiniketan is Bengali’s Heritage place because of the Biswabharati University built by the great Rabindranath Tagore out there. It is an amazing place and not only from the educational perspective but from Tourism perspective also. 

Distance: 165km from Kolkata

There are many cultural heritage and beauty of the land.

You will get to see so many amazing beauties out there.

So, they are cost-effective and beautiful honeymoon destinations near Kolkata where you can travel and enjoy. Don’t wait just travel.