5 Offbeat Places of Sundarban to Visit during January


5 Offbeat Places of Sundarban to Visit during January

Sundarban is a fantastic place to visit. It is located in West Bengal India.  If you have still not heard about it, then you must go on read the article and gather some knowledge about it. Next, you can Google and know about it more.

It is a beautiful place and in today's situation, it is heaven because where the whole world is facing the crisis of Natural life with tress, Sundarban enjoys its abundance.

God bestows the most costly things on us free. We don't understand this that is why we deplete it.

Whatever let's return to the topic!

The 5 offbeat places of Sundarban to visit during January:

1. Jhorkhali:

It is known as the gateway of Sundarbans. If you are visiting Sundarbans with your family and friends, you will love this place during a short daytime trip.  The palace has a beautiful blue sky, bright sun, and wide and beautiful beaches.

Here you will also get to see a tiger rescue center. You can go near these deadly and ferocious animals and closely analyze their health and well-being. 

2. Dutta River:

You must always book a Sunderban Tour Operator in Kolkata. They will specifically tell you about these places in Sundarban that are underrated but scintillating.

While you are at Sundarban you must take a boat ride through the Dutta River and soon you will see that your troubled mind has reached a point of solace and you feel calm from within.

3. Charaheri Char:

Ok! If you have some crazy habits of finding crabs at the water bodies then you will surely love this place. You get these facilities when you take up a Sundarban Tour with the West Bengal Tourism.

This Village is located at the southernmost part of Sunderbans and with crabs; you will find some other crazy reptiles such as lizards, snakes, and crustaceans.

4. Golpatar Jungle:

You will be happy to know that not 100 km but just 80 km away from Kolkata is Taki and from here starts the Sundarban area. In this area, you will get to see the Golpatar forest.

This place will take you to Maachranga Dwip to look out for the wonderful ruins of the Durgadalan. Trust me you will love this place.

5. Kalash Island:

Do you love wild animals? If yes trust us you will love this place. Here you will get to see the beautiful Olive Ridley Turtles. As you know, turtles are on the verge of extinction now, so come soon to get a glance at these rare animals at its best.

Not only turtles but there are also some of the most beautiful wild animals you will get to see at this place.

It's time to visit Sundarban now!

January is the most beautiful month of the year and you must visit Sundarban during this month.