5 Facts about Super Cyclone Amphan and how it affects Sundarban Tourism


5 Facts about Super Cyclone Amphan and how it affects Sundarban Tourism

This Cyclone has not hit Bengal or any part of India in the recent 150 years. That means not only our parents or we and neither did our grandparents have seen such a storm in their lifetime. We do not know where we are heading, what our future is going to be. However, right now, the most horrible thing is Amphan and this storm has taken a toll on our life. Whether we are directly hit by the storm or it has hit us mentally the fact is, it has obviously affected us. No matter how.

Today in this article, you are going to know about the five facts related to the Cyclone Amphan and how it actually affects Sundarban tourism. So, let us not delay anymore and hit directly into the topic.

Five facts about Amphan:

  1. NASA said: Amphan is no less than rather equals to five hurricanes at a go. This deadly storm has hit Bengal like a tiger sprung on to its hunt. This is not a historical event for Bengal but a massive devastation too.
  2. Speed of Amphan: The wind speed per hour of Amphan was no less than 155 km to 166 km. Then it raised upto 186 every hour. This made the situations worst and deviated everything.
  3. People are homeless: This storm has hit mostly the village areas of Bengal and there the houses are not strong enough and have many trees. The houses have blown away with the wind, the trees fell. The electricity lost.
  4. War like situation: There is no need of war; the storm itself has created a war like situation. There is no food, people are homeless and no electricity and everything are just out of control.
  5. Uncertain to normalcy: There is no certainty when things will actually get normal. No one can give guarantee. The destruction the storm has bought is heart shaking. This is something you just can’t overcome.

Now let’s talk about,

Sundarban Tourism:

Talking about Sundarban Tourism, no one knows when it will again get back to normal. It has no assured guarantee. Firstly, Sundarban needs to be bought back to normal form. Then something could be thought about. For now Sundarban is going to be in the present destructed condition and no one knows when things will become normal.

Closing it:

Lastly, there is only one thing to say, pray for Bengal, pray for the world and pray for every human soul. Everything is falling apart, let’s bring everything back.

Pray! Pray! Pray!