4 Places to Plan Private Sightseeing


4 Places to Plan Private Sightseeing

Here are four places where you can enjoy and feel happy. However, follow the guidelines and enjoy better. This is the place where you can enjoy to the fullest and feel happy. So, wait no more but read and plan your trip now.

1.Darjeeling : Amazing place with full of life. The hills are loved by all and they attract many people. This is the place that you must be when you feel alone or sad. Hills are so meditative that they energize you.

  • Plan and travel
  • Book a proper travel agent
  • Local guides are the best

2.Jalpaiguri : A small district town. Not so crowded but has a lot to see. If you visit here and enjoy the sightseeing you will not like to move back to your place. But what you need is a proper guide:

  • Lot of place to see need a guide
  • Travel with energy
  • Forests are priority

3.Sundarban : Amazing place and loved by all those who come to Sundarban they tend to visit again and again. This is a place where you find river, forest, culture all together. You will love it.

  • You need a local guide
  • Travel on foot or boat
  • Have a camera

4.Puri : One of the religious place for hindus. This is the place of famous Jaganath temple. People come here to enjoy as well as offer puja. Whatever your reason might be you will enjoy when:

  • With proper guidance
  • Happy tourism
  • Nice atmosphere

Travel because you want to and enjoy because that is your necessity.