4 Indian Travel Places with Best Food for Tourists


4 Indian Travel Places with Best Food for Tourists

Indians love food. Wherever they get some different and tasty to munch on they will surely visit. So, here are four places in India where you can travel not only as a tourist spot but also as a place where there are different things to taste and satisfy your taste buds.


Amritsar is one of the places that have various delicacies to treat your taste bud with. It has some amazing foods to present. If a foodie visits Amritsar he will feel he has landed on heaven. However as every place has its delicacies, Amritsar also has its flavors and special food to serve.

It's famous for KULCHAS.

Different types and varieties of Kulchas are available here like potato, cauliflower, paneer, special masala, etc.

One of the specialties of Amritsar is that it serves you everything with an ample amount of Ghee and Butter.


Goa was a portages land and therefore it has some foreign cultures in it till date. It serves you with some amazing dishes but most of them are nonveg and rich in taste.

It's famous for Pork Vindaloo, Prawn Bachao, Goan red rice, Poee, etc.

Whatever they serve the names are hard to pronounce it's always mixed with an ample amount of love.


A place where artificiality is a foreign thing. Where everything is natural and they serve you with all the natural love and food. The food they serve in Sundarban is an authentic Bengali dish and you will just love it.

It's famous for Plain rice, alu bhaja, dal, bori, hilsa, and some other famous Bengali dishes.

When you will enjoy your food in Sundarban you will feel that you have had the best thing you could and the next moment you will want to sleep and will have a great sleep too. It is called " Bhaat Ghum" out here.


Mumbai is famous for many things. One such thing is its food. The special food in Mumbai is world-famous. People love to relish the foods of Mumbai and they come from far and wide to eat it here in Mumbai.

It's Famous for Batata Vada, The Bombay Sandwich, Bun Maska, Vada Paw, Faluda, etc.

All these foods are so delicious that you can't just stop at one. You will have to take more than one to satisfy your hunger as well as taste buds. It's that tasty and nice.