3 Tips to stay properly in a Sundarban Hotel


3 Tips to stay properly in a Sundarban Hotel

Many of us love to or think about going to Sundarban. But we actually do not know how to or where to stay there. This brings about a hindrance in our way. Now what to do in such a case. The thing that can actually help us is prior knowledge about those hotels. If you get to know it then you will never face any troubles to stay in the hotels anymore.

What to do and how to stay there?

There are many hotels in Sundarban bit not all have same regulations. But today on this blog wyou will get to know about some common rules that every hotel does have and must be maintained .

1. Identification rules: You must carry a proper identification card with you. If you do not carry your identification card then you won't be allowed to stay in the hotel. Just want to make your stay in Sundarban easy.

2. Parking rules: Now every hotel have their own parking rules. You need to know properly which hotel allows parking and how.

3. Key handover rules: There is a very important rules in the hotel is the key hand over rules. You must hand over your keys to the hotel whenever you go out. Don't worry they won't sneek peek into your room or steal anything. Lastly handover your keys when you leave the hotel finally.

4. Housekeeping rules: The housekeeping rules are that , when you go roaming they come to your room to clean and keep it intact.

                             Now you know all, happy stay in Sundarban.