3 Important Places in Kolkata to Visit


3 Important Places in Kolkata to Visit

Kolkata is one of the metropolitan cities that has a huge and famous historical background. During the British Raj, this place was considered the hub of all the trading, political, and entertainment centers. All the best cultures, habits, songs, institutions developed in and around Kolkata. Even nature bestowed the biggest asset upon Kolkata, Sundarban. No, today in this blog we will not speak only about Sundarban, but we will surely keep Sundarban tour West Bengal Tourism in focus. Other than that we will talk about three other places for you to visit in Kolkata for fun, entertainment, culture, food, etc.

Before we begin, let's get a vivid knowledge about Kolkata:

  • It's in Bengal and most of the population are Bengalis.
  • Has a huge variety of taste in case of food, touring place, etc.
  • There is something for everyone in Kolkata.
  • No one feels bored or can feel bored in Kolkata.

Now let's see what are those 3 places in Kolkata for you to visit:

1. New Market:

This is the place where everyone who visits Kolkata does visit. It is the hub of marketing and you get anything and everything out here. There is nothing out here that you do not get or can't be amazed about. You can shop right from chocolates to costly bags, food, dress anything out here at a very minimum price.

2. Dakshineswar Kali Mandir:

The famous Dakhineswar Kali Mandir is where most of the Bengalis go to offer their prayers. They consider it to be the holiest place and a place where Mother Kali resides. So, if you are coming to Kolkata do visit here.

3. Visva Bharati:

A place where the world marvels. The institution that Rabindranath himself made and dreamt about. A place with huge culture and tradition behind it. One of the most respected universities.


The largest delta in the world and the most beautiful place. You will love it and especially if you visit with Sundarban tour West Bengal tourism the place will look amazing to you because they know what all to show.

Note : Due to the prevailing covid situation everything is at a standstill. Nothing is working out and that is why we all need to stay home and stay safe

The Diversity -

The four places mentioned above are diverse in their form and creed. They have no similarity with each other. But still, they are of Kolkata and variously compliment Kolkata. This is the taste and essence of Kolkata. Not everyone can always serve it in one platter as we have tried o do. Hope you will enjoy the platter.